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Greetings from Kent!

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Just joined up, but not new to the hobby :D I hail from East Kent and mostly do regular explores within Kent and the surrounding counties!

I've mostly frequented DP in the past as well as Flickr and Youtube, but The Vampiric Squid suggested I join OS as you have a community of many fine explorers here! I've done some splores with a few people that are on here, top lads all of them :D

I'm not much of a photographer, but I'm learning!

Here's a shot of me from my most recent explore. Squid suggested that it would be a good idea if the first image you saw of me was me pretending to dissect a man's penis :D

19476507569_dcc5b8e591_c.jpgUrbex Vasectomy by Slim Jim, on Flickr

Will whack up my first report sooner or later.

Edited by SlimJim

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Welcome in buddy, if your ever up t'north give me a shout :thumb

Looking forward to some reports :grin:

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Welcome to the forum mate, look forward to seeing some reports from yourself, let me know if you need anything :thumb

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    • By Thelocksmithman
      Soooooo after seeing a couple of reports go up recently covering this part of the old college, and tried previously on numerous attempts with no avail a few years ago when we managed the sports hall and Withersdane Hall parts, i decided now was the time to return and have another go.
      Credit to whoever put this part on the achievable list as previous to this outing security had always patrolled and none of us could ever find a way in.
      Fast forward to some overcast late morning, i asked @starlight if she was up for having another look round the place, knowing she had also been for a look but not manged this part either. We hooked up and set off just down the road to this place which is very close to where im usually lurking.
      History of the college: Which im sure you have all read in other reports of this place...
      The College of St Gregory and St Martin at Wye, more commonly known as Wye College, was an educational institution in the small village of Wye, Kent, England, 60 miles (100 km) east of London in the North Downs area. ... The college was officially closed by its then owner, Imperial College London, in September 2009.
      Founded in 1447 by John Kempe, the Archbishop of York, as a college for the training of priests, in 1894, the school moved to new premises, and the South Eastern Agricultural College was established in the buildings with Alfred Daniel Hall as principal. In 1898, Wye became a School of Agriculture within the University of London. Until 2005, Wye College was a well-known study and research centre in the fields of rural business and management, biological sciences, and the environment and agriculture. The college was officially closed by its then owner, Imperial College London, in September 2009.
      Today, buildings that formerly housed Wye College have been repurposed as the Mind Campus in Withersdane Hall, a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, and Wye School, a school for children of year seven and up. The main campus and several other buildings have been owned by Telareal Trillium since 2015 who are developing a masterplan involving some new housing.
      I cant really say much about the actual wander around, it was non eventful as security really has been wound down since i was last here. It was extremely easy going and with a bit of improvisation and teamwork we managed to cover all of this section of buildings.
      As i think stated in previous reports, not much left in there but very clean suprisingly and the lecture hall was a highlight for me.











      Cheers for looking, blut.
    • By Gromr123
      This ones been long in the planning, but eventually at some ungodly hour of the morning me and Brewtal managed to get inside and see the place for ourselves. It was a pretty brief visit by all accounts, but we managed to see most of the lower level. 

      Built as part of the now demolished Melville Barracks in Chatham. This deep shelter was a refuge for the marines at the barracks. The history is pretty vague, but I believe the tunnels existed before the start of WW2. 
      In the early 1960s when the melville Barracks were demolished to make way for the council offices, and most of the tunnel entrances were sealed up.

      The Explore
      After a few weeks of planning me and Brewtal finally got round to visiting here. This one requires a little more caution as the entrance method is somewhat brazen. 
      After a bit of head scratching we devised a plan and went for it. We were in! 
      I'd be forewarned about the stairs, and everything said was absolutely right!. The wooden stairs are very rotten and very dangerous. Even when taking extra care, we had a few brown pants moments. 
      Once at the bottom of the lower level we could relax and start exploring. The lower level is quite extensive and we saw as much as we could. 
      Unfortunately we were fairly time limited, so we didn't mess around too much. I found the stairs going up to the upper levels, but decided against it this time. Re-visit for that one me thinks. 
      It was refreshing to see no graffiti or vandalism. The access situation has protected it pretty well I suspect. 

      The bottom of the stairs. These were supposed to be the 'Ok' stairs. Dread to think what the 'bad' stairs were like.














      The stairs to the upper levels.


    • By Thelocksmithman
      Well here goes a first report on here since i joined in 2013, completely forgetting i had created an account so please accept my delayed apologies for being inactive...
      I visited this place in 2014, so a while ago now... hence why the pictures are how they are . After an epic road trip up north, we returned to our hometown and had an opportunity for something we had been working on for a while. Exhausted from lack of sleep and driving many miles, we were not going to miss this window of opportunity and visited the place before it was no longer doable.
      Really not sure on the history of the place, possibly built as wine vaults? Unable to find any records of it to be honest, it was really a right place at the right time thing. I believe it was at some point used as a youth club, then left vacant for a number of years and last i heard it was a gym. Unsure of the current situation, would like a revisit with the new camera and glass but beggars cant be choosers eh!!
      Visited with non members JDY and xcon2icon. Access at the time was a walk in the park, and ive not seen it posted before so hoping its something that isn't the monotonous same old stuff for people to look at either, despite the lack of decent pictures!!
      Really not the most exciting evening, no security, no nosy neighbors, no drama!








      Thanks for looking!!
    • By Wevsky
      Wasn't going to do a report seeing as how Woody covered it so nicely but it has been a while since my last report and i thought why not.Rumour has it that the place is locked up but doesn't sound like its been locked officially either so really not sure of the state of play here!
      This did have a Casualty Clearing Station on its upper level which over the years caused rumours of it being an underground hospital,that and the fact there are so very many bunks in the place.It is a two level jobby with stairs leading further up to an old entrance,these stairs are in short rotten and in no way could you put full weight onto them without much crashing of wood coming down the many flights of stairs to the bottom so it was a case of climb on the framework of the stairs to get about.
      got wind of this when a few private pics went up and between us worked out where what and how..so off we popped,Visited with The Wickerman & obscurity..
      some pics..there all pretty samey but it is a nice old explore

      Sorry about the amount of pics..well tbh im not sorry at all

      Another report rehosted from photocuntbucket to flcikr
    • By kent-urbex
      The business was founded in 1922 and was the longest established producer of 100 per cent recycled newsprint and produced on average 400,000 tonnes of recycled newsprint every year from 500,000 tonnes of recycled waste fibre. On 23rd February 2015, the plant’s 300-strong workforce was dealt the shock blow that the firm, which had been running for nearly a century, would be applying to go into administration. The site has now been decommissioned, and the latest report to creditors suggests the mill itself will be demolished some time in mid-2017. The stock of paper was bought for £8.3m and a sale of the plant and machinery was completed in September for £7.9m by waste management firm W&S Recycling. Commercial director at W&S, Tony Knowles, said: “Over the last six months a considerable section of equipment has been sold for re-use including two 100-tonne pulping machines to an Egyptian client plus the complete PM14 newsprint manufacturing line, sold to Chinese clients.
      A total of 230 employees were made redundant. A further 60 were kept on temporarily to assist with the decommissioning of the site. Now just 10 people remain, to help dismantle the plant and machinery.
      Aerial picture showing how massive the site is


      Main admin building and offices, (these are alarmed by motion sensors as we found out)

      storage tanks


      The building as the very back houses the Pm13 and the at the back left houses the PM14

      Fork trucks

      Kent-urbex & Begood

      News letter for staff of the PM14

      Dismantling the PM14

      PM14 machine

      A before picture

      This was the final stage of the paper where it was cut to size onto reels then onto the wrapping stage and stored.

      Before picture of it in action



      PM13 which we missed on out previous visit

      Pm13 and control panel

      Loads bays


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