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Knostrop treatment works outlet, Leeds - July 2015

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Myself and Raz went down a cool drain in Leeds last night, read Raz's report here;


Press HD - Little walk about

Video doesnt do the smell justice :grin:

I have enough photos for a report but ill save them for the near future

Nice little mooch about and thanks for looking :thumb

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Nice vid there mate I thought I could hear you retching lol :lol:

Weren't just retching... right under the sewer plant :thumb

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    • By jones-y-gog
      This is a spectacular location for sure, surrounded by wonderful dramatic coastline. If you've got time I'd recommend bringing a packed lunch!! You could be watching the waves crash against the rugged cliffs, maybe if you're lucky you might spot a seal or a puffin passing by. 
      Here in 1951 plans were set up to build a plant which would extract bromine from sea water and by adding sulphuric acid would then create liquid bromine. The bromine was then reacted with ethylene to produce Dibromoethane which was a key component of leaded petrol. With the phasing out of leaded petrol in the 1990's the plant diversified into other bromine chemicals. Production finally stopped altogether in March 2004.  
      Many of the buildings have been demolished but there was enough standing to make this high on my wish list - plenty of natural decay and lots of interesting stuff left on site. Its been fairly undisturbed due to a combination of its remote location, CCTV and onsite security. Sadly though a recent fire has badly damaged one of the buildings (not quite sure which one). 
      The photos in this report are a compilation. I had to make a return visit because the first time I somehow missed the conference room and the main attraction for me - the medical area. I really like how much variety there is, hence why there's quite a few pics   























    • By Ninja Kitten
      A nice Sunday spend having a wander round the Potteries of stoke...a selection of my pics from..Ainsleys..Wetherbys and Tam Crown Works..all interesting sites with bits and bobs left behind..for some reason i have no externals aplolgies for that..on with the pics..

    • By coolboyslim
      Visited with @stranton And @ACID- REFLUX. Thx to them both for the great time had here.
      Anyways on with the report and pics
      Inhospitable is a 700yd culvert which carries the moss brook beneath Collyhurst,
      the infall consists of a 15ft brick arch
      this changes too a10ft brick arch which continues towards the outfall
      which consists of a 7ft brick pipe built 8ft up in a retaining wall.
      Halfway through the culvert theres an overflow chamber with a manual operated penstock,
      once the flow gets too strong the penstock drops blocking the culvert
      this causes the brook too divert along the works
      something which seldon occurs.
      the Works
      the Works is a 700yd overflow which passes alongside and below Inhospitable,
      consists of a 10ft red and black brick pipe.
      This exits the overflow chamber by droping down 2 sets of steps the latter been steep,
      once at the bottom you are at least 70ft below the surface.
      Both the moss brook and the Works discharge too the Irk,
      (one of Manchesters 2 secondary waterways).

      Hope you all enjoy thx for looking..
    • By Wevsky
      This was the last port of call on our 2 day trip to Wales.After a less than sound nights sleep in the car which in my opinion was worse than sleeping at Pool Park the night before we headed in not long after the sun had started coming up ,which would explain some of the shots!Really liked this place and even tho we missed a fewrooms with pipes and gauges as tbh 2 nights sod all sleep and clambering around the walkways in hot sunshine we had had enough and packed up.
      Relaxed explore in a great location if you like flaky paint ,rust and big hunks of machinery left around.
      visited with SpaceInvader and Obscurity while St0rm caught up on some sleep back at the car..
      Borrowed history

      On with some pics...

    • By Jesus
      Just in case any of you are getting the wrong impressions of my report-posting tendencies, normal non-posting status will likely be resumed within the near future. I'd be loathed to get your hopes up unwittingly, you see. With this in mind, please accept my humble and sincere apologies for this interruption to regular jesus-service, and rest assured that, once you've read this report, you'll have that much less shit to deal with. I mean, c'mon, how often do I inconvenience you with a selection of daguerreotypal efforts from my generally half-arsed and lazy adventures? Not very often, I think you'll agree.

      Comedy and effortsome access led to an enjoyable 'derp with lights on' - and you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a derp from the outside. Lorries regularly pass through the ground level of this facility for storage, and a number of mysterious mechanical noises accompanied our footsteps.

      Thanks for stopping in,