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Another hello from wakefield :)

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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome:D

Sorry i"ve been inactive over the past week & only just lost my OS Virginity posting ....scary stuff lol

And for the record i"m not anti HDR .....it"s just i fail to understand why certain over saturated colours (mainly greens) are not reduced in some peoples pics to at least try and resemble some colour that was formed on this planet rather than an Alien World called Photomatix or the like ;)

Shall we say Multi-bracketed shots are preferable if the user can actually use the software correctly....and as everyone knows that seems to be a big "IF" across the Urbex World lol

There"s nothing i like more than waiting for some "Pro Photographer" :dunno: taking another 7 shots in Auto mode at ISO1600 on a Tripod etc etc hoping the Software will produce something reasonable at the end of it, while i could have taken my 1 shot and moved on :D

I just hoped that getting a DSLR would encourage most people to actually learn the basics of Photography & progress from there rather than hoping the camera knows what it"s doing, otherwise they may as well use Compact cameras and get the same results ? but obviously that"s just me :)

If i was one of the "Surreal HDR Abusers" I"d be looking at the high quality photographs produced by other members and aspire to try & produce something similar :o

Anyway each to their own & it"s always good for a laugh & sometimes an eye bleed :P

PS don"t take it personally

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    • By he who must rome
      The history will have been done on here before i guess so ill go straight to the pictures and some you will not have seen before i hope !.

      now for the bitz i think you have not seen !

      hope to get alot further soon.....VERY SOON !!!
    • By shacklerurbex
      footage and pics are taken from two quick visits. One in August and one in November 2016.
      Some stolen history.........
      In 2008 the farm was closed after concerns were raised about the welfare of the birds that were kept there. These included Harris hawks, red-tailed hawks, two emaciated European eagle owls and Lanner falcons. In 2005, nine eagle owls kept at the council-owned site were used in film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since the farm was abandoned it has become a dangerous eyesore, and a meeting place for local kids and with evidence of drug taking on the site. Piles of rubbish litter the farm buildings, where slates have been stolen from the roof and fires have been started. In 2009 RATS president Paul Dainton called upon Wakefield Council to make the site safer after the buildings became too unsafe to be left as they were. In July 2010 the farm was sold at auction by Wakefield Council for £162,000, selling for almost double the guide price. It is unsure of what the new owners plan to do with site at present.
      info taken from www.stanleyhistoryonline.com
      Feedback welcome, still new to this.
    • By Buffalo
      The History
      Clayton Hospital was opened in 1854; after Thomas Clayton, a former city mayor donated buildings to the Wakefield general dispensary, an organisation set up to provide healthcare for the poor. It provided much needed healthcare long before the NHS was formed.
      The hospital was later abandoned in 2012. Specialist eye services have moved from Clayton to the more modern Pinderfields Hospital and its sexual health services will be based at King Street Walk-in Centre.

      The Explore
      Explored with @plod and a member from 28. (shot out to the 3 kids we also met there )
      It's a shame to see that the place is in such a state, I tried to make the best of it despite not having much battery power left in my camera from the previous explores of the day.
      The main building was pretty disorientating so I'm sure I missed some of it but I'm quite satisfied with what I did get to see, given how trashed the place is anyway. We were interested in finding the morgue and we managed to locate it but it was very well boarded up, and there is anti-climb paint covering the fences that surround it as our friend managed to find  
      As we were searching for a way in to another building in the center of the site, the security guard showed up while @plod was down the tunnels looking for a way in from there. Security
      gave us 2 minutes to get him out before the police are called but plod had wandered so far in that he couldn't hear us calling him  Luckily he showed up in time after no luck finding anything; the security guard wasn't happy but he gave us no trouble as he didn't really seem to know what he was doing.












    • By shacklerurbex
      Had a look at Newlands hall for the first time
      Newland Estate lies in the valley of the River Calder between Alfofts and Stanley Ferry, and is one of the very few estates in the area that can be traced back through documents which have survived and span 900 years. Occupation of the site dates back at least to the Bronze Age, and is believed to have been the site of a Roman villa or camp. Large amounts of Roman pottery and coins were extracted from the site on the 1997 archaeological dig. Evidence of an iron ore mine has also been found on the estate which is could be connected to the henge at Birkwood Common, both sites connect via a footpath which is heavy in metal deposits suggesting that there could have been a Roman foundry at the henge with ore being taken from Newland to the henge site due to the vast amounts of easily accessible coal that breaks to the surface along the ridge down towards the River.
      There is no direct evidence proving authenticity of a foundry, or that the henge was a worked site, however, individuals (including Paul Dainton) have given this theory calculated thought, and with information available believe this to be a strong possibility. The estate in its present form was established in 1213 by King John of England and belonged to a community of Knights Templar up to the year 1256 when it was transferred to a similar organisation called the Knights Hospitallers. A preceptory was historically the headquarters of the Knights Hospitaller and Templar which was governed by a preceptor, who was answerable to the Grand Master of the order.
    • By Wappy
      Wakefield Maternity Hospital (1935 - 1992)
      Manygates Hospital (1948 - c.1981)
      This is the only block left along with the Manygates house.
      As the contract stated these have to be renovated and the firm wants to now knock them down they have been left.We can only guess what will happen to them soon as it too often the case.
      Manygates Hospital was formerly Wakefield Corporation Maternity Hospital, situated in Blenheim Road, Wakefield. It transferred to Manygates Park, Barnsley Road in 1935. The hospital closed in 1992 and transferred to Pinderfields Hospital for a short period. Maternity services in Wakefield ended in 2000.
      Records survive from 1919 - 1977, these include staff registers (1928-1855) patient registers 1919 - 1971 and administration/finance records (1919-1950). Later records for Manygates Hospital (c.1960s - 2000) were destroyed by the hospital trust.