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USA House of Vicodin 2015

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Very nice set and yea is a shame and hate that all the older spots are being fucked up here. I'm in NY and grateful theres few places left
Thank you and yes I agree......they should just leave stuff alone and let it be :( Where in NY are you?
Brilliant report :)
Thank you :D
DAMN!!! That's a good un!! :thumb
Thank you very much:mrgreen:

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Well im from poughkeepsie but in albany for time being it sucks here only factories and shit like that so have to drive to go anywhere
Oh ok so you know then surely about my fave place where you're from :D. I've heard there's not much in Albany as far as hospitals and such :(

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of course i know its my fav too :P and used to go like every weekend or so and sad to say theyre making plans to demo it as well, fuckin sucks. You're in Ct? i miss nsh and theres still couple good spots up your way and yea albany is awful..

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      Located In Columbus Ohio. Very popular urbex place.
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      lil place in my backyard...
      i've been coming to this spot for over a decade. tragically i've only picked up a camera a few years back. it's nice to be able to visit a location many times in the continuation of self improvement and documenting the destruction of a location. heres a few shots from over the past year:

      pano from last summer. i ran here one day as the sun set. i wanted to catch the lighting.

      belly of the boiler.

      behind the controls. another scrapper hard at work i see.

      test shop.

      looking down

      the next year would be sad times as kids from all over began to populate this place. i used to be able to walk around for weeks without running into a soul, and now there could be 30 kids here. 

      in a short period of time shity taggers would desicrate the temple. angering the gods.

      even the snow doesnt cover that grime.

      she sure is a beauty tho. i've been to quite a few generating stations and none compare

      it felt like a train station grande hall. standing in the freezing cold taking a pic of snow falling (or ceiling)

      so ladylike

      everyones favorite hallway which was in a movie for 3 seconds. (relax-its photoshopped.....or is it???)

      until next time . . . 
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      Hello everyone. I was refereed to join the forum from the Facebook group. Im from Ohio, USA and have followed urban exploring for a while. Recently I started getting out and doing it myself. I mainly film videos and post them on youtube but I also take pictures when I'm scouting new areas. I was out the other day scouting an area and took some pictures. I'm looking forward to going back.