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Perfection Farm, Scotland - June 2015

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Another mini installment of my recent venture up north to this lovely wee farm.

Not much infor on it, but some lovely colours and a cracking wee derp shed, everyone loves a derp shed!!









Thanks for looking!

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I keep looking at that contraption in the last shot trying to figuer out what it is?

I can see there a two bit to exstend wicks and a pump to get pressure?

I have no idea lol :D

It is a Perfection Oil cabinet (where the name came of the place came from). They are old wick controlled oil cookers, found a bit about them on the net :-

MORE THAN 4,500,000 Perfection Oil Cook Stoves now in use are evidence of their world-wide popularity. Wherever the old methods of cooking with wood or coal for fuel have given way to modern methods, Perfection Oil Cook Stoves will be found giving clean, odorless and dependable service, with cooking satisfaction that is equal to that of gas. Perfection's world leadership is a matter of 37 years of continuous production of oil stoves of outstanding convenience and dependability.

"Perfection stoves ideally fulfill every cooking requirement," is the verdict of America's most famous cooks, including Mrs. Sarah Tyson Borer, Miss Rosa Michaelis, Miss Lucy G. Allen, Mrs. Belle DeGraf, Miss Margaret Allen Hall and Mrs. Kate B. Vaughn.

The famous cotton wick burner of the Perfection assures a flame that remains steady wherever set. The high, yellow-tipped flame is best for

fast cooking ; the low blue flame for slow simmering.

Correct draft is of the utmost importance in perfect combustion of kerosene. The Perfection long-chimney burner is scientifically designed to admit just the right amount of air, with ample space to hold it until combustion is complete. No flame, but a powerful column of clean, intense heat strikes the cooking utensils which never become soiled with smoke or soot.

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    • By Stussy
      Just a crappy stripped out church, but something about it would tickle the nipples of a god fearing nun.
      But I liked it enough to take a few pictures anyway.




      I 'm almost sorry you had to look this report, I am scraping the barrel, but I'm not really sorry
    • By Stussy
      Hello, another from my long long long list of shitty cottages I have to post up on here tp convert you to the deeply weird realm of cottaging!

      Found this almost my accident whilst exploring with a couple friends, after walking what felt like miles through small forests, over streams, up and down heather marsh lands and over several feilds to visit some of the shittest derps you could probably imagine, I spotted this on the way down the wild hills.  We took a chance as it was on a live farm, found the door open and decided to pop in for 30 mins and grabbed some pics.  We all felt a bit uneasy as it was a live farm and decided to get out quickly, just as we were closing the door a car came down the drive way, and we bolted like a mini heard of highland cows stampeding our way down the side of the house and over a few fences to safety.  Never been back, but one day I will!














      Thanks for cuming cottaging with me
    • By Stussy
      Been a little while since I posted anything.

      Derp Cottage, located in what some consider Miserable Scotland, visited on a windy and cold day, but it had rather nice views.







      Thanks for looking