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Timeless Seeker

Hey from Bavaria! ;)

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Hey guys, I`m new here.

Already been in the Facebook-group for some time and now joined this forum :)

I am 19 y/o, live near Munich in southern Germany and study Architecture.

I do photography as a hobby since one year now and like decayed buildings best! :rolleyes:

Maybe some of you know me from Flickr or Facebook already, hope to see some known faces and of course new, too ;)

Here you can find my photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/timelessseeker/

Cheers! Peter

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Welcome to OS Peter, just had a quick look at your flickr and some great images on there, let me know if you need help with anything :thumb

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Naaseavus habedere dasd' auch mal hier rein schaugst is ja scho echt wos.. Und dann wieder bei einem Beitrag rumhängen, tsts :D

For the english speaking guys: welcome to the forum tourmate, i hope that you will be a little more active in here then i am :P

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