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Underground reservoir - Manton Lane, Bedford

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Heard about this place a little while ago after watching it on the news while visiting my mum in Bedfordshire.

I spoke to her about it and she was telling me about when it was stopped being used and providing the residents of Bedford with water and has been like this ever since.

I found this online, gotta be useful to you guys who like your underground stuff. Dont think it will be too long before this training centre takes hold though from how it reads. Looks to open in January 2017.


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I just had another little look into the reservoir as kinda bugged me as lived so close to it for a few years and was compltely un aware of its existance.

I hope someone can get down there before work commences as would be good to see some more shots of the place as theres not a great deal on line.






Cool share mate and would be good to see some more of the place. :thumb

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    • By HitGirl
      Visited with one non member
      Hidden away in a country lane is this little gem full to the brim with personal treasures and memories.
      I spent hours looking through stuff and reading old letters from the 1920's onwards
      Some of the letters were so sad i shed a tear

    • By Nelly
      Hi guys, a bit of a rare appearance from me into the Military Section, but I'm told that you don't bite
      Prisoner of War Camp 116 was set up in 1941 to house Italian prisoners of war, and from 1943-1944 it mainly held German and Austrian prisoners.

      The POW's were allowed out to work on the nearby farms and one local has this memory of it......
      "The Austrian and German prisoners of war were kept in a camp at Hatfield Heath and sent out daily to 'help on the land'.
      Our first batch were Austrian and they were hard workers and Mum was so sorry for them she looked at their ration for the day and promptly invited them to share our food - they even ate with us.
      The next lot were German and all but one of those were also polite, hard workers and they too shared our food and ate in the kitchen with us.
      My biggest impression was the way they stood whenever Mum got up and would never sit until she too sat down.
      Dad corresponded for some time with one of them, a Walter Scheile from Beilefeld in Germany."

      The English Heritage Document entitled "PRISONER OF WAR CAMPS (1939 – 1948)" has this to say about it
      Camp 116
      (Mill Lane Camp, Hatfield Heath) conforms to the so-called ‘Standard’ layout, with the guards’
      compound consisting of MoWP huts, while the living huts are all timber Laing huts.

      In one of the outside barns was a Massey Harris combine harvester

      And a few old classics (I'll sneak these in and see if they get past the "All Seeing Eye"

    • By silverainbow
      Crete Road Reservoir was Constructed in 1866, completed late July Its sole purpose was to supply water to the Silver Spring Soft Drinks Factory, Visited with Space Invader
      On with some pics

      And now for a bit of self indulgednce

      And one from "Up Top"

      Also Visited The Hills pipeline tunnel whilst we were there, Some pics from this also

      Space Invader kind of got featured in this one

      Thanks for taking the time to check out my pics
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      MIss vd found this one not quite sure on what it is maybe a store of some form if anyone could shed some light on it please do

      my personal fav

    • By superwide
      Visited this place a few months ago but did not descend into the 2 chambers as I was by myself, felt a little braver this morning so went back for another look. Unfortunately I did not take my box brownie this time as I forgot to pick it up when I left, the pics below are from my first visit but only show the entrance tunnel and a few shots down into it. Went in this time, what a great little place, no chav damage and in really good nick. It was originally built to supply water to the Silversprings factory.

      Tunnel leading in

      Looking back at entrance

      Across the top of the 2 chambers

      Looking down

      One of the 3 vents above