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County Asylums Returns..

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After three years in the wilderness, County Asylums has returned with a fresh look and a lot, lot more info.


We've revised the 'asylum list' and each and every one of the asylums listed has there own page with details, history and photos. We'll be adding more to the site as and when we can but if you think you have anything worth contributing then drop us an email - info@countyasylums.co.uk

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It's well designed, navigates well and runs smoothly so well done to everyone involved. Hopefully it will carry on for years to come. :thumb

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Hello mate, I've moved this to websites and links.

I've also had a good look through the website, must've taken you ages but it's really nicely done. Very informative, easily to navigate and well put together :thumb

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      The Durham County Hospital was constructed in the middle of the 19th century and began operation as a voluntary hospital. The hospital saw growth in the 20th century due medical advances, the growth of the city and the construction of a nearby railway viaduct. In total 5 major phases of building works have seen new buildings been added to the hospital in the 20th century to keep pace with demand. The hospital closed in 2010 and several proposals to turn the hospital into housing seem dead in the water.
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