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Day & Dusk on Chicago Rooftops

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Dawn broke on my first full day in Chicago and the weather was absolutely biblical. Rain lashing down across most of the city in a torrent. Not good for exploring, or doing anything in really. A couple of my exploring friends had travelled across from Buffalo in upstate New York to meet me for the first weekend, and there is a running joke between me and them that whenever I meet up with them, the weather is absolutely awful. That day did nothing to dispel the joke, so we settled in for some breakfast near our first rooftop target. Luckily the weather cleared up, and the sun came out, so we cracked on.

The first rooftop is a 38-storey mixed use tower, very much occupied and in use which creates the challenge of making your way past the security/receptionist stations without looking too suspect, carrying bags and tripods LOL.

I don't normally do rooftops or high things, you can normally find me poking around factories and stuff so this was a pretty new experience for me. But an enjoyable one no less.





Beneath the glass dome was the building's swimming pool, with one or two people in it at the time :P

At the end of the day after our various misadventures elsewhere, we decided to take in the sunset on another rooftop. A much taller one this time, standing at 60 storeys tall. The view was incredible.







After that, we went to get some well deserved food and made preparations for the next day :D

Thanks for looking.

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    • By Hydro
      A cool night of climbing in Sheff with @-Raz- and a none member Butters

      Taken from the roof of Park Hill Flats
      Bit of History;
      The Cathedral Church of St Marie is the Roman Catholic cathedral in Sheffield, England. It lies in a slightly hidden location, just off the main shopping street in the city, but signals its presence with a 220ft tall spire.
      St Marie’s was completed in 1850 and opened on 11 September. Building the church cost more than £10,500 – a huge sum in those days – and it was not until 1889 that the church was free from debt. The Parish of St Marie’s, which covered the whole of Sheffield, became part of the Diocese of Beverley when Catholic diocese were re-established for the first time since the Reformation in 1850. In 1902 a new presbytery, now known as Cathedral House, was opened. During the Second World War a bomb blew out stained glass windows in the Blessed Sacrament chapel. The remaining windows were removed and stored in a shaft at Nunnery Colliery. The mine flooded during the war, the glass sunk in mud and drawings for re‑creating the windows were destroyed, however it was still possible to re-install the windows in 1947. When St Marie’s was re-ordered in 1970, following Vatican II, dark woodwork was removed and new lighting and benches were installed. In 1972, a new altar, allowing mass to be celebrated versus populum, was consecrated by Bishop Gerald Moverley, auxiliary Bishop of Leeds. The church building has been a Grade II listed building since 1973.
      On 30 May 1980 the new diocese of Hallam was created and St. Marie’s became a cathedral. Bishop Moverley was installed as its first bishop and served until his death in 1996.

      The Explore;
      So on a cold and windy Sunday night, having just ot my car back from repair, it was decided that this needed to be done. Parking on Park Hill we made our way to the roof for a quick warm up which turned out to be a cool down as it was fking freezing. A few quick shots from the top and we headed on down, but before leaving we popped our heads into the service tunnels, but i have a video of this so i'll leave that for another report
      Fast foward an hour, we are sat in McDonalds after having been foiled by passing pedestrians. Wolfing down burgers and sipping at those Vanilla Latte things they do which are simply brilliant! Enough about food. We arrive outside the church and its all quiet, so over the fence we go, pausing only on the other side for a man to pass by and we remain unnoticed. A few flights of stairs and we hit the roof, to find some people on the ground looking curiously at the fence, but they soon move on.

      Then came the punishing part, more ladders than i cared to count. Cold enough that your hards are numb within seconds and the higher we went the worse it got. As did the wind, as we neared the top we could feel the whole structure swaying beneath us in the breeze. Great fun.
      From the top we noticed 3 figures on a nearby rooftop, closer inspection reveals them to be the guys who were checking the Cathedral out as we were on the roof! Whoever you were boys, a pleasure to meet you
      And heres the pics;









      Thanks for looking
    • By Ferox
      After a night visit with four non members I had a couple of hours around here in the morning on my own. I was buzzing about seeing this place the previous evening but, seeing the old girl in the daylight was another thing again, absolutely amazing. Had a relaxed (surprisingly) mooch marvelling over the decay and features in here until I started hearing noises about two hours in. I got to the area with the Welcome to Severalls muriel with the intent of making my way to the section where the tunnels meet when I seen a white car parked up with someone sat in the driving seat with the door open. Could not be arsed with any hassle on my own so I quietly retraced my steps out of that area and got out of the site. A fantastic place this one and I can definitely see a re visit or two on the cards.
      Severalls Hospital in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom was a psychiatric hospital built in 1910 to the design of architect Frank Whitmore. It opened in May 1913.
      The 300-acre (120 ha) site housed some 2000 patients and was based on the "Echelon plan" - a specific arrangement of wards, offices and services within easy reach of each other by a network of interconnecting corridors. This meant that staff were able to operate around the site without the need to go outside in bad weather. Unlike modern British hospitals, patients in Severalls were separated according to their gender. Villas were constructed around the main hospital building as accommodation blocks between 1910 and 1935. Most of the buildings are in the Queen Anne style, with few architectural embellishments, typical of the Edwardian period. The hospital closed as a psychiatric hospital in the early 1990s following the closure of other psychiatric institutions. However, a small section remained open until 20 March 1997















      Thanks For Looking
    • By -Raz-

      Visited both these place after travelling down to London the night before the kent meetup
      I had always wanted to see London from the rooftops with my own eyes and it did not disappoint! much better than the rubbish views I had seen in Leeds and Sheffield!
      Thanks to The Raw and Extreme Ironing for showing us these 2 and thanks again to The Raw for letting us crash at his house!

      Cheers for looking

    • By mookster

      I will preface this by saying this place is ruined, and normally I wouldn't go all the way over to America for something as ruined. However the one deciding factor for me was outside - perfectly framed between the two huge grain elevators/silos is a stunning view of the downtown Chicago skyline. As for the rest of the site, it's actually quite photogenic in a ruined way.
      There used to be a linking bridge between the silos but this was blown up for a stunt in, I believe, the last Transformers film. The bases of the silos were also painted black for that, but of course it has now been covered in graffiti. Lots, and lots, of graffiti. You can get to the tops of the silos but it requires some very sketchy rope climbs which I wanted no part in.
      It was here I also had my first run-in with the American police whilst exploring. Our group of seven were just about to finish up and we were aiming to get a group shot of us with the view of the skyline in the background. This site is so easy to get into you can literally drive your car into it, and as we were getting the shot ready who should turn up but a police SUV. They were unamused by our presence and the officer said that they had already arrested a couple of people on site for trespassing just then (we weren't alone there were a few groups on site). So we made our apologies and went to leave. The officers followed us back to the non-existant gate in their SUV and that would have been that. However, remember how I said you could literally drive into the site? Well....we did. We had parked our two cars inside an old warehouse at the edge of the site, so the two drivers had to then explain to the officers why they were heading off a different way. We could see the officer visibly shake his head and we imagined he was thinking 'what a load of morons' and tutting to himself. Anyway they went to get their cars, and we waited outside the gate for them, and all was good. Moral of the story, when in America, try not to park inside the site you are exploring, however easy it is to do so.

      I'm the one sat down. Because I didn't want to fall out of a second floor window on my first day LOL.
      More here https://www.flickr.com/photos/mookie427/albums/72157659173256470

    • By Hydro

      Hello all,
      Leeds from above in various locations, styles and quality thanks to Facebook

      Thanks for looking


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