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Hey im from Wigan, I know a few of you from another popular forum ;) And I was told by a few members that this forum was a happier and friendlier place.

I enjoy derping, but Im looking to get into the underground scene and rooftops so hopefully you'll see a few posts from me there.

My name is a song title from one of my fave artists if anybody is wondering (Steven Wilson)

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[MENTION=431]jones-y-gog[/MENTION]. Thanks pal. For better or worse this hobby/interest can be a little elitist.

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Thanks guys, [MENTION=946]The_Raw[/MENTION], will do tomorrow night. Im watching Walking dead now. :)

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    • By DirtyJigsaw
      Morning All,
      I have been a lurker on this site for some time as i normally post on another forum (DP) but ive been urbexing now for 3 months and am seriously into it. You may have seen some of my photos that i have shared on your FB page (im Stewart Kennedy on there).
      Ive done quite afew locations id say for a noobie and plan on many more. I use a Canon 1000d with kit 18-55mm lens, i also have a Lensbaby Scout 12mm Fisheye and recently purchased a Canon 55-250mm lens.
      I will post up some reports i have done as and when i can. Thanks for looking and i look forward to reading your reports
    • By avisler
      hello all,
      new member saying hi from south wales.
      i am very new to urban exploration and fairly new to photography so may have a few daft questions and some ropey images