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UK St. Josephs RC Church, Wigan - July 2015

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The Visit

Considered this one in the past but lots of activity next door at the tile shop so difficult to access unnoticed at times. Passing on an early morning we thought we'd have a quick look about. Lasting memory of this place is the pigeon sh*t! Never seen it so deep anywhere :(

The History

Built in 1861, St Joseph's Catholic Church is a grade II listed building on the fringe of Wigan town centre and was the Sunday school of a certain George Formby.

It's been closed since 1995 and is a burden around the church's neck. They (and Wigan Council) are hoping someone comes along and takes it under their wing in this quarter's redevelopment of the mills and waterfront area.







An example of quite how deep the bird poo is in here


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They do seem to like churches don't they :)

I don't know about anyone else but I always feel really guilty for disturbing them and tend to spend most of my time saying sorry to them like they can actually understand me lol

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Just down the road from me, it was my first derp. Might have to go bacl and reshoot.

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