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Textile factory

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On 11/11/2015 at 0:52 PM, Urbexbandoned said:

That must have been lovely to explored somewhere with such sentimental value. Looks great, love the old sewing machine :thumb Was it cotton or wool?

Thnx Urbexbandoned! And sorry for late answer! All I can saw there was cotton! :P

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On 29/3/2016 at 10:52 PM, hamtagger said:

Nice video that mate, cheers for posting it :thumb 

Thnx! :D

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    • By Andy
      I visited the chocolate factory already more than four years ago. Inside it was partly very dark - much darker than it looks in the photos. The plaster had fallen from the ceiling; a gray damp mud lay on the floor and stuck stubbornly to the shoes.
      After the owner died, the factory was closed over 20 years ago. The widow of the manufacturer still lives in a dilapidated house next to the factory. In the past years, the condition has worsened a lot. Meanwhile, the roof of the former factory has almost completely collapsed.




























    • By MiaroDigital
      A abandoned mine in Czech...
      2 visit's


      The Moos Factory 01 by Miaro Digital, auf Flickr

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    • By Nelly
      The Marconi Radio Factory
      Visited with Skeleton Key, Priority 7 and Tstranger1066. This was the 2nd stop on our day trip to Chelmsford.
      The place looks absolutely fantastic, full of bits and bobs, but unfortunately after only 20 minutes we got nabbed by 4 really amicable members of Essex Plod and asked to leave the premises, so it's on the cards for a revisit
      The History
      Marconi's New Street factory was built in 1912 next to the Great Eastern Railway. A railway siding ran across New Street into the factory yard and brought materials in one end of the works and took finished radio equipment out of the other.
      At the South end of the building two huge aerial masts once stood, the 450ft (137m) high "Marconi Poles" formed Chelmsfords most prominent landmark.

      During the Second World War the Marconi Company employed more than 6,000 people in Chelmsford. Producing vital military communications equipment, the New St factory became a target for bombing and was hit in May 1941 with a loss of 17 lives.
      In 1920, two years before the BBC was established, the New Street factory made history as the site of the first official British sound broadcasts including the famous concert by Dame Nellie Melba which was heard all over the world.

      The workers entrance

      I learned everything I know about attenuation of radio signals and the impact and mitigation of ionospheric anomalies from this book,
      not to mention two-dimensional ionospheric tomography over low-latitude regions

      The Gang

      Thanks for looking

    • By Shadow
      In the time after my recent fame in teh nooospaper of doom I received a rather interesting email. From the owner of a derelict factory stating that it was to be redeveloped and that he wanted some photos of it before it was changed forever.
      Now let me explain, that this is not a report, but only a recce, I cannot possibly show the true scale of this place from a single set of photos, its friggin huuuuuge, god knows how many floors, a unbeatable view over nottingham (as it is on top of a cliff) and most interestingly, a basement level full of machinery that is currently inaccessible, however the owner has agreed to let us abseil down to it through a large hole in the floor
      The purpose of this visit was to walk around the site with the owner and he could tell us some of the history and warn us of the unsafe bits to let us bring the right kit next time. These photos i took as snaps on the way round.
      On with the pics!

      The tower, there used to be a spiral staircase to the top

      Can't wait to go back
    • By vanishing days
      was told this was an old brick factory stumbled accross it with miss vanishing days