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Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15

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Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15

So I was incredibly late to this one! The what was once gorgeous and lovely has been turned to crap by a bunch of people who quite frankly this world could do with out. Wastes of spaces and wastes of mine and yours money. There we go, I digress. Visited with SouthSide after a whole day of pure fail in the City of Birmingham.

This place was superb a number of years ago but has suffered horribly and has little, but some redeeming features left. Some has been bulldozed.

It all started when The Chance family began running evening classes in 1846. The Science and Art studies took place at their glassworks in Spon Lane to benefit their workers. By 1852 an Education Institute was formed which ran for nearly two decades.

Come 1885, most classes were being run in the evening at the higher grade school in Crocketts Lane. In 1910 ; neighbouring Smethwick Technical School was opened. This served as a Junior Technical School for young pupils during the day and a further education school for adults in the evenings.

This became a Municipal College by 1927 and the name was changed to Chance College in 1945. A block of engineering and building workshops were opened in 1950 .Between 1952 and 1966 major extensions were built which enabled the college to accommodate 3,500 students. In 1968 the college was merged with Oldbury College of Further Education to form Warley College of Technology, with the buildings in Crocketts Lane (Chance Building) housing the main administrative centre of the new college and six of its eight departments.

The demise was on the horizon many years later and Sandwell College was closed in stages between 2011 and 2012 as relocation to a new state of the art campus in West Bromwich was on the cards.

Many fires and vandalism has forced parts of the college to be demolished and what is left is in a hell of a state.

























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Looking a right old mess these days. I thought it had gone if I'm honest!

It being a smouldering pile of rubble would probably improve it's condition!

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It was a mess when I went a year or so ago but somehow it's managed to get even worse. Oh well c'est la vie, hardly surprising given the amount of chavs in the area

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i popped in quite recently aswell to see how its getting on, didnt think it could get anymore trashed than the last time i went but definitely has! is the burst water pipe still pissing downstairs???

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i popped in quite recently aswell to see how its getting on, didnt think it could get anymore trashed than the last time i went but definitely has! is the burst water pipe still pissing downstairs???

It wasn't when i went about 3 months ago.

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    • By Nelly
      This report is left over from a day out in Kent last month. To be honest the place is in pretty bad shape but it's easy to imagine what it must have looked like in it's hey day
      Splored with Skeleton Key, Priority 7 and Tstranger
      The History
      Westmout College started life as a Jewish School founded in 1847 by the Rabbi Raphael Cohen
      Renamed as Mount Ellis in 1865 for Leicestershire colliery owner and jewish businessman Joseph Joel Ellis, After Ellis's death in 1885 it became a school once more and was run by Robert Chignell.
      He later sold it to a group led by Dover Mayor Dr Astley who had recently formed the Dover College Company.
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      That was it for our first site of the trip. The chapel made for a stunning start to a generally favourable couple of days
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      Right this was a spur of the moment find as the place we where heading out to just wasnt do-able,its a chapel from a closed down and well demolished college ,i assume the chapel is still there because its listed!well i assume!the college is long gone and rebuilt on i cant find any info on the chapel it self ,but its been there as long as i can remember!right no flashy right up !the place had seen fire damage at some point and was in a bad way most of the stained glass windows had been destroyed,but a few pics of the night are in order..

      it has been chav'd!!

      And for some reason a small boat inside..

      Right like i say wasnt our first choice but has been there a while waiting for a look inside to be had so we did
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      Took a trip with MrAltitude, Shadow, Sophietherat, Gig and Cogitoi.
      Great to meet new people! Was a really enjoyable night, stood around on the roof for about 15minutes gobsmacked from the view over the city. had a slight scare when a copper chopper flew over head, was a good laugh

      Other 5ways photo's from the night
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      Visited with Frosty, Shadow, Muffie and Vanishing Days,
      Mid Kent College Horsted Campus was originally built to be a government training center, it was left for nearly two years until it was actually opened as the Medway College of Technology. The campus originally opened with these original subjects, Building, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, and Science. From walking around the site now, it is clear a lot more subjects were available and a few of the buildings look to be of a much more recent time. The campus was opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1955, when he also met a few of the students and staff.
      This place is much more interesting that you first think it's going to be. There's around 10 seperate buildings on the site, we managed to explore 2 of them fully, and most of a 3rd one before being distrubed by a pikie with a rather large crowbar in hand - we decided a hasty exit was called for. There's soooo much more to see however, and I don't think we've seen the best of it yet.
      Unfortunitely the pikies are ruining it inside very quickly, it won't be long before it's a total mess. At the moment there's quite a lot of interesting bits and pieces to see.
      View along the front of one of the buildings

      Not worked out why I like this staircase so much yet.

      Evidence of Science and engineering all over the site with lots of big bits of equipment left in situ


      They also did Drama and performing arts by the looks of things in the curious round building which had this studio at the bottom and dressing rooms etc. all round the 2nd floor.

      Absolutely mint lecture theatre

      Interesting specimen in the Biology Lab

      More labs - there were loads of them

      There's definitely more to find here.