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Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15

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Sandwell College, Smethwick, Birmingham – Nov ‘15

So I was incredibly late to this one! The what was once gorgeous and lovely has been turned to crap by a bunch of people who quite frankly this world could do with out. Wastes of spaces and wastes of mine and yours money. There we go, I digress. Visited with SouthSide after a whole day of pure fail in the City of Birmingham.

This place was superb a number of years ago but has suffered horribly and has little, but some redeeming features left. Some has been bulldozed.

It all started when The Chance family began running evening classes in 1846. The Science and Art studies took place at their glassworks in Spon Lane to benefit their workers. By 1852 an Education Institute was formed which ran for nearly two decades.

Come 1885, most classes were being run in the evening at the higher grade school in Crocketts Lane. In 1910 ; neighbouring Smethwick Technical School was opened. This served as a Junior Technical School for young pupils during the day and a further education school for adults in the evenings.

This became a Municipal College by 1927 and the name was changed to Chance College in 1945. A block of engineering and building workshops were opened in 1950 .Between 1952 and 1966 major extensions were built which enabled the college to accommodate 3,500 students. In 1968 the college was merged with Oldbury College of Further Education to form Warley College of Technology, with the buildings in Crocketts Lane (Chance Building) housing the main administrative centre of the new college and six of its eight departments.

The demise was on the horizon many years later and Sandwell College was closed in stages between 2011 and 2012 as relocation to a new state of the art campus in West Bromwich was on the cards.

Many fires and vandalism has forced parts of the college to be demolished and what is left is in a hell of a state.

























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Looking a right old mess these days. I thought it had gone if I'm honest!

It being a smouldering pile of rubble would probably improve it's condition!

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It was a mess when I went a year or so ago but somehow it's managed to get even worse. Oh well c'est la vie, hardly surprising given the amount of chavs in the area

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i popped in quite recently aswell to see how its getting on, didnt think it could get anymore trashed than the last time i went but definitely has! is the burst water pipe still pissing downstairs???

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i popped in quite recently aswell to see how its getting on, didnt think it could get anymore trashed than the last time i went but definitely has! is the burst water pipe still pissing downstairs???

It wasn't when i went about 3 months ago.

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    • By Thelocksmithman
      Soooooo after seeing a couple of reports go up recently covering this part of the old college, and tried previously on numerous attempts with no avail a few years ago when we managed the sports hall and Withersdane Hall parts, i decided now was the time to return and have another go.
      Credit to whoever put this part on the achievable list as previous to this outing security had always patrolled and none of us could ever find a way in.
      Fast forward to some overcast late morning, i asked @starlight if she was up for having another look round the place, knowing she had also been for a look but not manged this part either. We hooked up and set off just down the road to this place which is very close to where im usually lurking.
      History of the college: Which im sure you have all read in other reports of this place...
      The College of St Gregory and St Martin at Wye, more commonly known as Wye College, was an educational institution in the small village of Wye, Kent, England, 60 miles (100 km) east of London in the North Downs area. ... The college was officially closed by its then owner, Imperial College London, in September 2009.
      Founded in 1447 by John Kempe, the Archbishop of York, as a college for the training of priests, in 1894, the school moved to new premises, and the South Eastern Agricultural College was established in the buildings with Alfred Daniel Hall as principal. In 1898, Wye became a School of Agriculture within the University of London. Until 2005, Wye College was a well-known study and research centre in the fields of rural business and management, biological sciences, and the environment and agriculture. The college was officially closed by its then owner, Imperial College London, in September 2009.
      Today, buildings that formerly housed Wye College have been repurposed as the Mind Campus in Withersdane Hall, a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic, and Wye School, a school for children of year seven and up. The main campus and several other buildings have been owned by Telareal Trillium since 2015 who are developing a masterplan involving some new housing.
      I cant really say much about the actual wander around, it was non eventful as security really has been wound down since i was last here. It was extremely easy going and with a bit of improvisation and teamwork we managed to cover all of this section of buildings.
      As i think stated in previous reports, not much left in there but very clean suprisingly and the lecture hall was a highlight for me.











      Cheers for looking, blut.
    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      Great explore with SK, Lara, Troglodtye and Peach
      After exploring some tunnels that would of took a match at one point to replicate a scene from backdraft we decided to try a cinema, after enquiring with some car washing guys how much a mini valet was we decided the best way to approach
      Once in, and meeting several spiders in the process we enjoyed a pretty chilled explore, lovely building and many many original features still in situ, no bingo hall conversions here

    • By TheBaronof Scotland
      Loved this place, visited with ZeroUE and a non member (Mark)
      Again another explore that I thought would be a few hours turned into 6 or so.
      Went a bit crazy with the macro shots in the chapel so apols in advance

      finally we left the chapel to have a nose around the rest of the place

    • By urbexpm
      Some pics from one of the weekends explores, it took a while to find an entrance but we got there in the end. And yes, we did get to the roof. Not sure when this hall of residence ceased to be used but signatures in the toilets for cleaning rota ended in 2011. At time of building this was the only 'skyscraper' to be built in a national park, maybe it still is. The college has had multiple funding issues over the years hence these dorms being now disused and this hasn't stopped, the main college is also due to be closed this year.






















    • By Buffalo
      The History
      Typhoo Tea Factory, founded by John Summer in 1903, was known as one of Birmingham's most prominent landmarks. The factory was used for tea production from the 1930's, surviving bombing by the Luftwaffe in WW2. Typhoo merged with Schweppes in 1968 and the following year merged with Cadbury to form Cadbury Scweppes. The factory eventually closed in 1978.
      The site, which is currently being used as a 148-space pay and display car park,
      has been granted planning permission as part of a £14 million project to be turned into a university campus for Birmingham City University.

      The Explore
      So after months and months of constantly checking this place, access finally popped up during a Birmingham trip with @plod and some other users from 28. We started the day off with the usual quote of "lets check typhoo again even though we won't get in", followed by our customary perimeter check for access and another visit to the boiler room, and surprisingly we managed to find an access point which had evidently come up fairly recently so our timing was spot on there. We spent a good 3 or 4 hours exploring the tea factory as well as S Rose & Co; there was a lot to look around (and we did get lost a few times, we had more trouble finding our way out than trying to find a way in!) although sadly nothing much was left there which was a bit disappointing as nobody would have guessed what it was by looking at the place, but it was still definitely worth the trip. Despite the failures it was a pretty successful day. 
















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