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Welsh Explorer

Hi....new member from South Wales...

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Hi to all.....just found this site and thought I would join....
   Have been an amateur photographer for a while using a bridge camera(Coolpix??something), and have now invested in a full Dslr (a few months ago) Bought a Nikon D5100...mmmm(more buttons than a scientific calculator lol)....So am still learning and browsing numerous vids and tutorials, trying to get to grips with all the settings lol.
    I had an interest in nature photography and still do, but a while back this year came across Project Mayhem online and now am very interested in Urban Exploration. I have visited a few places like Cwm colliery and Talgarth Asylum....also a few derelict farms and houses etc....I usually visit places with my brother from another and sometimes with my sons(when it's not too illegal lol (not wanting to get my sons arrested ....have to try and set some sort of example). 
    Will be having a browse through the members and photos in a mo.....
I have a few photos on Flickr@      https://www.flickr.com/photos/welsh-explorer_urbex/albums/
          a Facebook page        @        https://www.facebook.com/w3lsh3xplor3r
          an Instagram profile   @       https://www.instagram.com/welsh_explorer/
I am also in the process of making a website about my exploits on Wix, which I have just published.....it is still a work in progress.

                                          @       http://w3lsh3xplor3r.wix.com/welsh-explorer 

Please feel free to have a gander.......if you do.....let me know what you think and also any advice on content or even criticisms (I take it all as advice lol). Please also give us a like and a follow if you're feeling generous(they all add up lol) ty in advance.

Glad to be here as a new member of other photographers and enthusiastic Urban Explorers.

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Hi, welcome to the forum. We are all a friendly bunch and hope that you find your way around nicely. I have just had a look at your Flickr page, some nice shots, especially your detailed ones. Get a few reports posted up, just add a little bit on the history of the place you have explored with details of your explore :)



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Hello mate and welcome to the forum. Thanks for taking the time to throw up an intro thread :thumb


I enjoyed CWM coke and Talgarth when i done a little welsh tour earlier in the year. Looking forward to seeing your reports, if you need any help or guidance with forum usage just give one of us a shout :)

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Hi, welcome to OS, if you have any questions please feel free to ask away. If not, just get stuck in and post up some photos from the places you've already been. :-) 

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Thanks for the welcome.....glad to be part of the community. Will get around to posting something at some point......

While I am here....have to go to Radstock (SW  of Bath)  on Wednesday to pick something up. Was wondering if anybody had any good places for us to have a look at..

Please inbox me if you have any fabulous places in the surrounding area...Having a browse around Google maps at the mo.....Would appreciate any feedback.

     Once again....a pleasure to be here and thanks for the welcome....looking forward to seeing every ones exploits.

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