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Italy Ospedale & Chiesa Santa Rita - June 2019

  • 637
  • 7
This was a nice explore from my summer trip to Italy with @Andy. We originally set out just to...

Italy Hotel a la Montagna - June 2019

  • 624
  • 6
This was the last stop on my trip to Italy with @Andy in June. A nice little hotel built in the...

Italy Villa T, Italy - June 2019

  • 480
  • 10
A grand villa built around 1600, remodeled in 1700 and again in the 1930s. Shame to see such a...

Italy Castello con Capella, Italy - June 2019

  • 369
  • 5
The castle dates back to medieval times. In 1233 Benedictine monks built a fortified manor here...

Italy Villaggio Abbandonato, Italy - May 2019

  • 402
  • 6
An abandoned village in Northern Italy. Having been the site of a religious order as far back as...

Italy Hotel di Capre, Italy - June 2019

  • 315
  • 4
A completely stripped out hotel in Northern Italy with a nicely sculpted exterior. There wasn't...

Hungary Budapest Townhouse - May 2019

  • 490
  • 9
A stunning townhouse in an affluent area of Budapest. I don't know much history on the place...

Albania Albanian Road Trip - November 2018

  • 400
  • 3
Albania is one of those countries where I didn't really know what to expect. Recent history saw...

Italy Sanatorio G, Italy - March 2019

  • 1,115
  • 15
The Italians don't mess around when it comes to architecture and this old sanatorium is no...

Great Britain Samaritan Hospital for Women, London - February 2019

  • 1,059
  • 15
The hospital first opened in October 1889 as the Free Hospital for Women and Children. In 1903...

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