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Residential exploration reports
Great Britain Coven Cottage - Staffs Aug 18
  • 118
  • 3
Just a little derp cottage that I did last year but I quite liked. no history on this Im afraid, as they say it is what it is!
Belgium Diesel Farm (11/2019)
  • 217
  • 6
After several attempts to get into this power plant, we finally found a way in early November of this year. It had been on my bucket list for quite a while. When I found out there was a way of getting in, I scurried over there. I wanted to see this before the thieves and vandals arrive (which won't be long now, since the youtube community has found it too). What can I say? It was definitely worth the wait. That control room is simply delicious! Well, it is to mee anyway :) A bit of...
Great Britain Golygfa o'r Môr, Flintshire. November 2019
  • 216
  • 6
I found this gorgeous grotty time capsule through pure chance and curiosity and I’m glad I did. I guess the owner was Angela who must have lived A wonderful life, a traveller, an avid reader and lover of music, from her pictures, in my eyes, she was a stunner. I don’t know how long it has been empty the cobwebs are huge, yet there is an energy light bulb in the main bedroom. A fag packet by the bed carries recent style health warning, yet the fur coat has seen better days huge amount of...
Italy Villa Nedya (visited 07/2019)
  • 151
  • 6
A villa with beautiful ceiling paintings, at the edge of the forest above a suburb of a small town. Unfortunately, even with research, I could not find out anything about its history. A year ago, the villa was still furnished, meanwhile the entire furnishings has been removed. Visited with @The_Raw 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
Italy Hotel a la Montagna - June 2019
  • 276
  • 6
This was the last stop on my trip to Italy with @Andy in June. A nice little hotel built in the 1920s overlooking one of Italy's magnificent lakes. There are about 20 rooms in total, some of which have a small terrace with a lake view. The frescoes, many of which are still in good condition, have been hand painted to decorate the walls, ceilings and basement of the hotel. Some of the bedrooms upstairs are in good condition while others are suffering from roof collapse. I don't know exactly...
Great Britain Workshop for the blind and disabled, Fenton, November 2019
  • 110
  • 1
Designed and built in the Art Deco style Opening for production in 1934 The workshops for the blind was operated by Stoke-on-Trent City Council supplying products to the pottery industry After a number of loss making years - the works were transfered in 2009 from the City Council to a new owner and renamed 'Stoke Workshop for the Blind and Disabled'. In 2011 the business was closed, half of the workforce was made redundent and the a new business relaunched at the same premises as 'Stoke...
France Chateau du Pilote (Nov. 2019)
  • 186
  • 7
A small village located in the vineyards of France. Behind high walls surrounded by vines is this wonderful chateau. In some rooms is still a great facility available. Other rooms confused are empty and impress simply by their presentation.
Great Britain Bryncyn, Ynys Mon. October 2019
  • 239
  • 7
Tucked away stands this lonely old house, I guess empty for a number of years. I guess he was a lover of clocks and an enthusiastic darts player as well as with that generation of Welsh folk; deeply religious.

Great Britain Glatting farm

  • 181
  • 4
Not much to say about this place really. Its a farmhouse reputed to date back to the 15th century which is grade 2 listed. The property is "vacant" & it was under offer when we visited some months back, but you could snap it up with a cheeky offer if u have a spare 1.69 mill laying around.

Germany Hotel Fakir - visited 10/2019

  • 266
  • 9
This old hotel belonged to two sisters who already died years ago. There's not much information about the hotel but it's a very beautiful place that luckily hasn't changed during the past years.

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