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  1. AndyK!


    Ah I see. The air ducts outside have been removed, and the inside has been cleared out, but the structure is all still there. I wouldn't leave it too long though, they might crack on with demolition soon
  2. AndyK!


    Only the anechoic chamber remains, and they have started to dismantle a few parts of that too. The main site is long gone.
  3. AndyK!

    Italy Hospital in the Woods - Somewhere in Piemont - May 2019

    Wow fantastic! Lovely mixture of architecture and some interesting bits left behind.
  4. AndyK!

    France Chateau Secret (Nov 2019)

    Wow what an impressive place! Such a shame it's been trashed. Liking your processing here too, looks great
  5. AndyK!

    Great Britain St John the Evangelist Church - Crawshawbooth - Dec 19

    Looking nice in there with all the decay.
  6. AndyK!

    Great Britain Preston Odeon - Aug 19

    Those old seats are lovely. Shame it's been so modernised, looks like it was lovely in its day
  7. AndyK!

    How Do.

    Nice to see you over here. Welcome along :)
  8. AndyK!

    Great Britain School for the Deaf - Jan 2020

    That's a bit nice, the main hall is lovely (And don't forget the date in the title ;))
  9. AndyK!

    Luxembourg ArcelorMittal (ARBED), Esch-Schifflange - January 2020

    It seems ArcelorMittal have been tightening up security across all of their sites. They are well aware people have been visiting and are keen to ensure safety on their property.
  10. AndyK!

    Great Britain Charles Wicksteed's House

    Pretty good find there, nice little bit of history
  11. AndyK!

    Italy Oriental Gem - May 2019

    That's great, thanks. Looking forward to seeing more if this is the standard we can expect :)
  12. AndyK!

    Italy Oriental Gem - May 2019

    Welcome to OS. Cracking first report. Can you just add the month and year visited to the title, thanks
  13. AndyK!

    France Chateau Port - dec. 2019

    As others have said..... Wow!! Fantastic find there, this place is amazing
  14. AndyK!

    Belgium Diesel Farm

    Yep, lovely control room! I don't remember ever seeing the labs before though - nice job!