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  1. Beef

    Severalls, a heads up.

    Hi guys, I haven't been on the forums much recently (been busy mostly with my new born, but some of it's laziness) but thought I would give you guys a heads up. We were at Sev's this morning for a silly o'clock start and after a 5-6 hour mooch about and on our way out we got busted by Michael...
  2. Beef

    Coulsdon Deep Level Shelter - October 2013

    I was using different stops ranging from f11, f8 and f4.5 usually. I think my problem though is relying too much on auto focus. I was using my 6d down there which is great for low light, but in pitch black the AF is no really any better than my entry level Sony.
  3. Beef

    Coulsdon Deep Level Shelter - October 2013

    Thanks for the tip Wevs! Will come in handy that :)
  4. Beef

    Coulsdon Deep Level Shelter - October 2013

    I might pop down again, want to try and shoot some videos rather than just photos for next time. That and I do need to practice shooting in the dark, my shots are not as crisp as they could be.
  5. Beef

    Coulsdon Deep Level Shelter - October 2013

    Aye this place is great! Though considering this is a very local explore for me I still kick myself I missed out on Cane Hill :( Oh if I could travel through time!
  6. Beef

    Coulsdon Deep Level Shelter - October 2013

    This was the second time we popped down here, the first time we had a quick mooch about and proceeded to fanny about with wire-wool! This time was no different, however we decided this time to first document the place, then find out what it's like to stumble about with no lights on before a bit...
  7. Beef

    Greedy Granny House (visited June 2013) -Oct 2013 - Surrey

    Not much on the history without giving this one away, this one was simple a house full of crap, looked inviting from the outside though (though no photos as it gives away access)as a fair bit of ivy was really trying to pull the place down and inside was all sorts of really old newspapers and...
  8. Beef

    Potters Manor (Visited July 2010) -October 2013

    First post here so sorry if a bit old, got loads of old stuff to go through and probably re work, feedback always welcome. Got to see this one before it got chavved so I count myself grateful. :) History "Potters Manor House was built in 1904 by the classical architect Hugh Jokin. It nestles...
  9. Beef

    Hello from South London!

    Hi Guys n' Girls! Been exploring for a while now (since 2009!) and have not been posting much report wise anywhere apart from my facebook account. Had the joys of experiencing some of the greats like West Park, Hellingly, Harold Wood and finally after quite a bit of trying managed Pyestock...