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Recent content by bob

  1. B

    Germany Kraftwerk Grün - July 2022

    nice ! no pictures of the rest?
  2. B

    Germany grübe chn

    In the 19th century, while drillings were being carried out all over the Saarland, a still unexploited area led to the discovery of an important coal deposit. Two shafts were dug, and then two more at the beginning of the 20th century. The narrowness of the site made the management consider a...
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    Czech Republic Gießerei (Feb 2022)

    nice place and shots, overcooked processing afaik, that's too much for me ^^
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    Italy Villa Imperiali - Jul, 2021.

    gf said it's on Ascosi Lasciti facebook, dont need an account
  5. B

    Italy Villa Imperiali - Jul, 2021.

    sooo it burned yesterday...
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    Germany Hospital Hilltop

    those ugly plasticky white and green lamps? do you have examples?
  7. B

    Germany Hospital Hilltop

    beautiful shots
  8. B

    Luxembourg Usine Escargot (05/2021)

    nice shots ^^ you were to the powerplant?
  9. B

    Yo! Los Angeles Soup

    eh i'm a bit far, north of france near begium and lux
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    Yo! Los Angeles Soup

    sup soup
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    Belgium Green Power (05/2021)

    cool im envious ^^ got caught yesterday there before entering :'( sad i fucked up my chance
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    USA Willow Glen Power Station - 2020

    really cool ^^ what altitude did you fly your done to scout?
  13. B

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    thanks @Dubbed Navigator, wished i had shot those in raw and a wider lens :x hehe no, had it 2 years, only failed once, with cranshaft sensor. Working on a GTV atm ^^