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Recent content by Bonesout

  1. Bonesout

    Germany Atlantis (2016)

    Hey, that's tops thatis!
  2. Bonesout

    Belgium HFB May 2016

    Good stuff Rody.  I would need long trousers and bicycle clips to climb that.   
  3. Bonesout

    Belgium Uncle Sam's Hanger, Belgium, April 16

    Beautiful.   I have a fascination for old ambulances and there is one, a UK one! Don't think its forgotten about that place. 
  4. Bonesout

    France Lost Aquarium

    Well fuck me with a prickly pineapple ........   That's cool.
  5. Bonesout

    Air Raid shelter

    Hey you!  Good to see you about, lost contact after I ditched facebook. Great to see you out there doing your stuff  :)
  6. Bonesout

    Great Britain Hell House, Alrewas - January 2016

    I like your report but I dont like this place.  
  7. Bonesout

    Germany Dr Anna - Germany Dec 15

    ^^. What he said. ^^ 
  8. Bonesout

    Great Britain dumper truck house jan 2016

    Those trunks are lush.   
  9. Bonesout

    Great Britain The Post Office Railway (Mail Rail) - London - 2015

    Fuck me with a prickly pear..... That's good. 
  10. Bonesout

    France 3 Planes... Sept '15

    Picture 4, something out of 'the fly'.       Stonking mate!
  11. Bonesout

    France Forge Lunaire... Oct '15

    Yet again, the man delivers.  .........   
  12. Bonesout

    Great Britain Coniston Copper Mines, The Hospital Levels - October 2015

    Now that is history and a report most worthy...  I'm humbled. Thank you so much.  Really enjoyed it......  
  13. Bonesout

    Great Britain Penny Rigg Copper Mill and Adits - Tilberthwaite - October 2015

    I do like a mine.  Buggers to light up, you done wonders with this one.
  14. Bonesout

    Couldn't chair less!

    We all know this one :P