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Recent content by Dragon_Urbex

  1. Dragon_Urbex

    Belgium SM Turbine Hall May 2016

    I like this. Very nice photos!
  2. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury - August 2021

    Nice report. You made it look a lot better than it actually is through these pics, which is a pretty good skill honestly.
  3. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain St Edwards Wigan - Nov 20

    That's quite nice. That church is evidently a rip-off copy of Sir Basil Spence's new Coventry Cathedral which was built in a saw tooth shape as well, with large windows at the transept area. I quite like it. Thanks for posting.
  4. Dragon_Urbex

    Royal Haslar Hospital - Portsmouth - Oct 14

    Very nice. I like these shots. Did it in August and there's still a fair amount left. Very very hard to get in tho!
  5. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain WINSTANLEY HALL - WIGAN - SEPT 2021

    Nice report bud. Just a crying, saddening shame to see an Elizabethan house like that just allowed to fall that far into ruin.
  6. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain Agecroft Power Station

    Fantastic report. Sadly last I'd heard, this place had been gooned up pretty badly and is apparently now utterly destroyed. Shame. You really don't see those sorts of dials and switchboards anymore.
  7. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain Pilkington Sandwash - Sept 19

    Oooh wow, I really like that place actually. Rusted and decayed to buggery but in a very good way. You've captured it really well in those shots. Looks very photogenic. Lovely stuff!
  8. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain Tyrone and Fermanagh Hospital - July 2021

    That's a rather nice asylum. I like the corridor layout ones, like this one, because not many survive. Same with echelon plan ones - the arrow shaped ones. Smashing photos!
  9. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain The Red Asylum - Feb-April 2020

    Oh trust me, it's fantastic. Even now it's good as the paint has begun to peel slightly.
  10. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain The Red Asylum - Feb-April 2020

    Thank you very much! :D
  11. Dragon_Urbex

    Great Britain The Red Asylum - Feb-April 2020

    This was my first asylum explore. As the site is in immaculate condition, I shall not state where it is, nor what part of the country it is in, so those of you that know of it and where it is, well... you know! I just want minimal chances of it being trashed. That's why I am code naming it “The...
  12. DSC_1924 (2).JPG

    DSC_1924 (2).JPG

  13. DSC_1914 (2).JPG

    DSC_1914 (2).JPG

  14. DSC_1183 (2).JPG

    DSC_1183 (2).JPG

  15. DSC_1181 (2).JPG

    DSC_1181 (2).JPG