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  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain White Ladies - Loughborough - Feb 20

    That's some gaff there. Never good when milk goes that colour, can quite imagine the smell you were greeted with. This is great example of a non public report, although I fully understand the apprehension. This is less than 10 miles from me and I'd never heard of it. Nice work.
  2. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    Well thank goodness for places like this to keep a record hey 😁
  3. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Stanners Close's Steel Works Offices - Wolsingham - Dec 20

    That advice note can't be left to a skip or fire, it looks excellent. Great report, enjoyed reading that.
  4. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    That's a cracking report. Your pictures are fantastic, door shot, colours in the film reels etc. Bet you had a great wander. 600km in an alfa though, did you have to go on an auto electric course in preparation? 😁
  5. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain THE MILL BEACH, ESSEX, MARCH 2021

    Nice one for getting a good block of history there, do you have any photos to go with the video?
  6. Dubbed Navigator

    Hi from Italy

    Hi and welcome to OS. I think you'll find a fair few like minded people here. Get involved in the forums and enjoy 👍
  7. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Welsh Presbyterian Church - Liverpool Apr18

    Man that’s screwed. Would think the steeple is a bit dodgy too considering the rest of it. More or less a complete rebuild to save that I would think.
  8. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Graveyard/military camp paintballing Cheshire March 21

    Yea I think odd is a fair description. Don't think I've seen a swamp in one before. Bet you find some die hard paintball er who gets in it. 😁
  9. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Coal mine L. (March 2021)

    Fantastic report. That is far too pretty to be a coal mine.
  10. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain "Blue House" North Wales 03/21

    Great effort for a first post this, nice one. That dusty old Bible is a nice find. Hope to see more soon 👍
  11. Dubbed Navigator

    Other Hello...

    Denbigh could certainly do with a touch up! maybe even a bit of plastering if you have the skillz.
  12. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Odeon Cinema - Sep 2020

    Great report there. I'm not a huge fan of the bingo era changes, but the old projector room etc are lovely.
  13. Dubbed Navigator

    Hello from MN

    Welcome to OS. There's plenty about on here to keep your interest - hope to see you about, get stuck in (y)
  14. Dubbed Navigator

    Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film studios, Hong Kong, July 2019

    Love this place, think it was this that @The_Raw covered pretty extensively too. Noticed this bit of paperwork too; Only months before HK was handed over to China. Thanks for taking the time to write such a lengthy and detailed report.
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