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Recent content by Dubbed Navigator

  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Italy Villa Imperiali - Jul, 2021.

    That is definitely one good looking villa. The ceilings! The painting in the basement is pretty damn good too. Fantastic shots. :comp
  2. Dubbed Navigator

    New Media Of The Month Contest - 12/2021

    Dear members, A new Media Of The Month 12/2021 contest just started, you can submit your medias on the dedicated album page. You have 7 days to submit your medias, up to 1 media(s) per user are authorized. Once the submission phase end, members will have 24 days to vote for the media they like...
  3. Media Of The Month 12/2021

    Media Of The Month 12/2021

    Album for Media Of The Month votes
  4. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Baham School - Aug 21

    Lovely first shot there. I think theres only one fate left for this place, but I do hope that plaque gets saved from the skip.
  5. Dubbed Navigator


    Hi trikey. Welcome to the forum, hope to see you getting involved around the place (y)
  6. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Zeche N1/2 - Mar, 2021.

    At least they are being used for something worthwhile, nice.
  7. Dubbed Navigator


    What a huge shame, deepening history and lots of potential just to be thrown away. Common theme in this game. Those classics must be worth a pretty penny just as shells!
  8. Dubbed Navigator


    Hello Everyone We are aware that a lot of people are not getting our newsletters. This may be intentional in some cases - others not. If you do not click any of the links (threads/reports) - the system removes you from the list after a while. There isn't much I can do about that, so my...
  9. Dubbed Navigator

    Other Politička Škola Josip Broz Tito (Sept. 2021)

    Great report. Any idea what the Chinese are planning with it? Shame it's cleared out, but a great looking wander nevertheless.
  10. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Zeche N1/2 - Mar, 2021.

    Cracking report that. Love a good coal mine and I'm glad it's at least being partially preserved. Did you manage to get to the top of the pit wheel?
  11. Dubbed Navigator

    Poland Park Of Sacred Miniatures, Poland 2021

    Thats amazing, and a cracking first picture as well. When was that built? any idea why? fantastic level of detail. :comp
  12. Dubbed Navigator

    Poland Distillery with a steam machine

    Lick of paint and some elbow grease and that will be right as rain!
  13. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Bandeath Munitions Depot - May 21

    That's impressive just on the researching side of things, and a 2/3rds success rate is hardly to be sniffed at.
  14. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain St JOSEPH'S ORPHANEGE - PRESTON - SEPT 2021

    OK so I definitely did not click thus expecting to find the seminary. :D What a mess! But yes,little regard for it until it spontaneously combusts and a developer comes with interest.
  15. Dubbed Navigator

    Germany Kraftwerk Vockerode (Feb. 2021)

    So much win here. Such a rich and long history, I guess the towers were removed for safety. Shame really. Thanks for posting.