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  1. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works - Bury - March 2020

    I agree, excellent report. Everyone loves a bit of derpege and this ticks all the right boxes.
  2. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timsons Eng = Kettering June 20

    That looks an old picture, have you anymore?
  3. Dubbed Navigator

    Welcome to some new members

    Couple of new members to the community. Welcome along... @the_cactus_eagle And @FinbarFurey Be great for you to drop a line and say hello. Hope to see you around the forums 👍
  4. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Primitive Methodist / Timsons Eng = Kettering June 20

    Sounds like you had a good time with that one. Well worth finally getting in with those relics though, lovely.
  5. Dubbed Navigator

    USA The 1888 house (aka the Pine Tree House) - Jan 2020 & Aug 2020

    Sounds like you had a good wander. Imagine it will be in the same state for quite some time.
  6. Dubbed Navigator

    Anyone urbex with a dog?

    They are unfortunately not so on the UK. I'd imagine it's the same story in more densely populated cities in the US.
  7. Dubbed Navigator

    Anyone urbex with a dog?

    If its a derp, no. Too many nasties like needles. Expensive vet bills! Know a few people thay have taken them underground.
  8. Dubbed Navigator

    USA Help!! Pittsburgh, PA

    Its a bit different in America compared to here in the UK. Guns.
  9. Dubbed Navigator

    Italy Villa Moglia (Jun 2019)

    What an absolutely fascinating history. You've documented it really well. Great find. You'd never have thought it looking through the pictures.
  10. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain Trevor & Helen's Place - Aug 19

    Shared this to reddit and it was very popular.
  11. Dubbed Navigator

    USA The Old Inn

    Definitely one you want to watch the floors on. Very soggy. Could you stick a month and year into your title please ?
  12. Dubbed Navigator

    Hi all! From North West UK.

    Good to have you in OS, hope to see you around the forum (y) Glad you like the smileys!
  13. Dubbed Navigator

    Great Britain The Crook Inn - Scottish Borders - August 2020

    You've crafted a good report there for something that is more or less a pub. Enjoyed your writeup, and pleasantly surpsied to see the nice bits in it. Do like a bit of art deco. :comp