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  1. Ferox

    Italy Power plant for asbestos processing (06/2019)

    Nice find Andy, What would we do without Goggle maps :) Some great decay in there and well shot as always (y)
  2. Ferox

    Great Britain Whitchurch Asylum (February 2019)

    Cracking pics as always mate. The bloody police where sat outside the entry point when we had a go at it in March. Think we just missed the free for all :( Very strange experience you had with the voice. You would expect that they where speaking to somebody else and there for a...
  3. Ferox

    France Pottery - April 2019

    Look very much like Cornish works Was thinking the same myself bud. Cracking looking spot. And cool pics. Really like the small tracks running around the place (y)
  4. Ferox

    Italy Sanatorio G, Italy - March 2019

    Excellent that mate. Looks a cracker  :thumb
  5. Ferox

    Great Britain Clypse Lodge, Isle of Man - 2018

    Another cool looking spot mate. I like the last pic, it's look like your sat in a crack den ?
  6. Ferox

    Great Britain Shilley Aalin, Isle of Man 2018

    Sure did mate. I'll get one up in the appropriate thread.
  7. Ferox

    Great Britain The Cottage in the Trees, Moss Valley - April 2019

    That's a lovely look place mate. I like all the bits that you can come across in these type of places. Loads to see in here  :thumb
  8. Ferox

    Great Britain Shilley Aalin, Isle of Man 2018

    Another interesting place bud. The strange shaped corridors remain me of that Latvian bungalow we went to ? Good to see you still have an eye for the dead things. I came across a dead cat on a recent explore. You would have loved it ?
  9. Ferox

    Great Britain Marine Biological Station, Isle of Man 2019

    Looks a good one mate. Remember you telling me about this spot a while ago. Glad you got to see it and its cool to see you back posting again  :thumb I should take inspiration and get some stuff up myself ?
  10. Ferox

    Great Britain who has nicked the dildos? No longer dildo manner but still porn palace

    What no dildos. This ones off the list then ? Nice pics mate, looks like there is still a bit to see  :thumb
  11. Ferox

    Belgium L'Hopital tiktak - December 2018

    Nice work there mate. Looks like a tense one?
  12. Ferox

    Italy Monastero Monte

    Awesome report that mate. Really like the misty externals and the last pic is fantastic  :thumb
  13. Ferox

    Great Britain The Boot Boys House - Dec 2018

    Bloody hell. What a mad place. Cool find mate  :thumb
  14. Ferox

    France Chateau Alchimiste (November 2018)

    Excellent. What a great looking place  :thumb
  15. Ferox


    Thanks mate  :thumb The lovely light on the day helped.