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  1. Flame

    Poland EC-2 Power Plant With A Blue Cooling Tower - 08 & 12 / 2019

    Blue cooling is great. Near is also the red one.
  2. Flame

    Italy Textile Mill Al Torrente - Oct. 2019

    Great light and editing
  3. Flame

    Italy Lavatory Halls - October 2015

    Yes, empty walls.
  4. Flame

    Georgia Tkvarcelli Power Plant / Akarmara, Abkhazia - October 2018

    Have You any problems in powerplant or in city? 
  5. Flame

    Italy Lavatory Halls - October 2015

    In 2018 everything was clear
  6. Flame

    Hi from Poland

    Hi everyone from Poland, I've known to Oblivion for several years, finally I've account here :)