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Recent content by Gothicangel

  1. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Majestic Care Home - Wales

    Great photos.This place has been well secured now.
  2. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Cathedral Arches. Manchester - Nov 2015

    Loved this thanks for sharing
  3. Gothicangel

    USA Ghost City of Picher/Cardin Oklahoma

    Be brill if you had this on film.Thanks for sharing x
  4. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Calcott Hall, Wales - April 2016

    So sad to see this place just left to rot.
  5. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Brogyntyn Hall, 'House of Tears.' April 2017

    Are they not demolishing some of this hall?
  6. Gothicangel

    France Bustes 2016

    Amazing place.i wonder how its just been left like still in good condition and has its original features still intact.
  7. Gothicangel

    Italy The Yellow Curtain Villa - May '16

    Any history about this amazing building.great find and pictures thanks for sharing x
  8. Gothicangel

    Belgium The Little Green House Feb 16

    Great explore there. Looks like everything has just froze in time.
  9. Gothicangel

    Streatham High Rd Crane, London - December 2015

    OMG ,Streatham high road is allways hectic with traffic. have they knocked down most the shops there?
  10. Gothicangel

    France Chateau Fachos... Sept '15

    what a lovely place.Looked like a nice family home once upton a time. Thanks for sharing
  11. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Coniston Copper Mines, The Hospital Levels - October 2015

    Looks scary .Must admit your are very brave to explore places like this.
  12. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Cathedral Arches. Manchester - Nov 2015

    What an amazing place.Would love to have a wander down there. Thanks for sharing
  13. Gothicangel

    Great Britain Cornist hall Flint 2015

    Need to have a mooch there.
  14. Gothicangel

    France Chateau Musique / Manoir Cacophonie / Music was my first love - pic heavy

    I enjoyed looking at these photos.what an amazing place.would love to know the story behind this. Seems this guy was a bit of a hoarder.
  15. Gothicangel

    Great Britain St Joseph's Orphanage -Preston - FEB 2015

    Is this the place with all the alarms ??? If it is its so sad to see this