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Recent content by hamtagger

  1. hamtagger

    Great Britain Collective Spirit Free School - July 20

    Nice one, some pristine looking labs in there too :)
  2. hamtagger

    Other Flour Mill, Katerini, Greece - November 2020

    Great stuff, some very very nice retro machinery to see :)
  3. hamtagger

    Great Britain Collyweston Bomb Store - 17-21

    Amazed they haven't repurposed this place yet. Cool snaps :)
  4. hamtagger

    Great Britain Kinder Water Treatment Works, Derbyshire, August 2020

    Some cool bits and bobs in there! :)
  5. hamtagger

    Great Britain Talgarth Asylum - May 21

    Haven't seen this for donkeys. It has definitely gone downhill significantly, and it was in a poor state years ago. Good place for some snaps though, is there still a crazy local hanging around there slashing tyres?
  6. hamtagger

    Germany Hotel Atlantis (Nov 2020)

    Peely delights in there :)
  7. hamtagger

    Belgium Hospital R 12/2020

    Nice report with some cool stuff in there, good to see you posting again :)
  8. hamtagger

    St George the Martyr, Redditch, Dec 2020

    Well that looks rather nice, did you have a blast on the organ? :D
  9. hamtagger

    Great Britain Mary's Farm (July 2020)

    Furnishings are nice! I'm out of touch with the hobby at the moment but what you said about the place getting wrecked is a real shame, and unfortunately seems to be the way things are nowadays. And suppose for years really :mad:
  10. hamtagger

    Great Britain Tetrosyl Bevis Green Works - Bury - March 2020

    Brilliant stuff, enjoyed looking through that :)
  11. hamtagger

    Germany Soviet shelter (Oct. 2020)

    Cool place! Thanks for posting your pics :)
  12. hamtagger

    Great Britain Tabley old hall dec 20

    Ah that's a shame, must've been quite a place in it's day!
  13. hamtagger

    USA Haunted Old Farmhouse

    Haunted? Spooky? Eerie? Surely it's just an old abandoned derp?
  14. hamtagger

    Great Britain Glasgow School Board - Sep 2020

    Pretty cool place!! Nicely covered too :)
  15. hamtagger

    Great Britain Standish Hospital - Sept 19

    Great report! Looks like somewhere I could spend a day mooching around. Little bonus of the fridges at the end :)