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Recent content by Hughie

  1. Hughie

    Republic of Ireland St Stanislaus College - July 2021

    Ireland keeps on giving. Top set of pictures and report there.
  2. Hughie

    Great Britain RAF North Luffenham - June 18

    Never done this one. Looks pretty cool. That third last shot is a belter mate.
  3. Hughie

    Great Britain Broom Street Work - Stoke - Sept 21

    I didn't mate. Wasn't on my radar sadly...
  4. Hughie

    New Media Of The Month Contest - 12/2021

    No probs! Please feel free to delete above post...
  5. Hughie

    Great Britain Broom Street Work - Stoke - Sept 21

    Really top-notch set of pictures there mate!
  6. Hughie

    New Media Of The Month Contest - 12/2021

    OK - shall I kick things off? Here's mine:
  7. Hughie

    Germany Villa Tapete (Jul 2019)

    Really lovely place, love the untouched retro feel. Good work!
  8. Hughie

    Great Britain Mouldridge Lead Mine, Derbyshire, September 2021

    1. The History Mouldridge Mine is situated in Grattondale, near Pikehall, Derbyshire. It is believed to have taken its name from Mole Ridge. The small-scale working was mined for lead and began life as a number of separate workings and shafts, run by small groups of miners. The earliest workings...
  9. Hughie

    Great Britain The Wellington Rooms, Liverpool - May 2021

    As fantastic as it is sad. Great set of pix @The_Raw Walked past this play summer before last but saw no way in! Great report.
  10. Hughie

    Great Britain Horologists House - Coventry - July 19

    That's really fab mate. Loving that.
  11. Hughie

    Great Britain Newsome Mill Clock Tower - May 21

    Made a great job of what's left look good mate.
  12. Hughie

    Other Petrova Gora (Sept. 2021)

    I rather like this!
  13. Hughie

    Great Britain Queen's Theatre - Dec 2020

    Never done a really fab theatre like this. You got some great pix there.
  14. Hughie

    Great Britain Stanton Ironworks - Sept 20

    Really enjoyed this mooch. You got some fab pix mate.
  15. Hughie

    Luxembourg Usine Escargot (05/2021)

    As pumping stations go, that pretty much is the daddy!