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  1. Hydro

    France Leopold Fortress, France - October 2017

    Thats cool as fuck! Great set too mate :thumb
  2. Hydro

    British Gas, Leeds. July 2016

    I go up there on a regular basis for a quiet smoke with a view :P Some good shots there mate. Next time you come up to Yorkshire let me know :)
  3. Hydro

    The Grand Theatre, Doncaster - Aug 16

    Visited with @The Amateur Wanderer   Myself and @-Raz- have been looking at this place for months however we could never see a way in, and the reason for that is how you get in is something of a death trap... hmm. But one night me and Mike decided we were going for it so we readied up and in...
  4. Hydro

    High Tor Pigments & Mine, Matlock Bath - Sept 2016

    Hey everyone :thumb   Its been awhile everyone missed me :D  No... well i've missed you. I've been so busy recently that between work and exploring (total of 30 times and i feel like the king of Kellingley) I've had no chance to get on here and write about dangerous things for you fine...
  5. Hydro

    Kellingley Colliery (Big K) - Here, there and everywhere...

    So over the last few months myself Michael & @-Raz- have been mooching about Kellingley on an almost nightly basis.   I've gathered enough footage to make this video about 3 hours long but thanks to a handy bit of software its down to 7 mins of derpy colliery goodness :thumb   Hope you...
  6. Hydro

    France Chapelle des Pelotes, France, May'16

    Fuck yeah thats nice :thumb
  7. Hydro

    CWM Coke Works, Beddau - June 16

    Haven't posted in quite some time, ive got a new job which is very time consuming :(  Although every man and his dog has been here i thought id post my take on it :thumb     Visited with @-Raz-      Over the years I've many a time said oooh lets go to CWM... and never been. So last...
  8. Hydro

    Germany CCCP Flightschool - Sept 2015

    Always liked the look of this spot :thumb
  9. Hydro

    Godstone Main series & Marden Mine Surey 2016

    Liking that matey. Well lit :thumb
  10. Hydro

    Great Britain Kellingley Colliery, N Yorkshire - Various Visits

    I have visited here many times now, and i put a premature report up from the first night without exploring too much. So here is a round up of each explore with a sh*t tonne of photos thrown in for good measure.     Visit 1 - Night of closure;   Totally drunk off our success at Redcar...
  11. Hydro


    Hello all, Looking for a bit of feed back really. Ive been looking into getting a racing quadcopter for quite some time because lets face it there fking awesome. Now i have put a lot of thought into what i could achieve with one whilst exploring, and i recently saw a video on youtube of some...
  12. Hydro

    Maltby Main Colliery, Rotherham - May 16

    Went for a mooch about with @-Raz-      History;   The first shafts at Maltby Main Colliery were sunk in 1910, and the first coal produced four years later. Situated in a wooded area on Tickhill Road the colliery was some distance from the township of Maltby and in order to gain a...
  13. Hydro

    Great Britain Saint John the Baptist school Wigan 2016

    Looks pretty cool does that buddy :thumb
  14. Hydro

    Newton Aycliffe Clock Tower, Newton Aycliffe - May 2016

    Pretty cool that mate :thumb
  15. Hydro

    Bangour Village Hospital, West Lothian - April 16

    Visited as part of the Scotland tour with @Butters & @R0tt3nW00d   After spending a little longer than anticipated at Eastend, we decided to skip one of our planned locations and head here instead as geographically speaking it made more sense than heading yet further North at 4 pm. I'm...