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  1. Industrieller

    Italy Manicomio di Colorno (June 2019)

    Now the rest of the pics.
  2. Industrieller

    Belgium Orange Factory (03/2018)

    Nice location.
  3. Industrieller

    France Chateau du Pilote (Nov. 2019)

    Part two of the location.
  4. Industrieller

    France Chateau Pavarotti (Nov. 2019)

    The Château des Txxxxxxx was built in the 19th century, although it looks older and has a window arch dating back to 1767. It took about 35 years to build this building in the neo-Gothic style. The highlight of this building is undoubtedly the magnificent theater hall.
  5. Industrieller

    Belgium Lord of war (Jan 2019)

    In the middle of a residential area is this "junkyard". However, This is not a junkyard in the traditional sense, on the old cars rotten to himself. On this junkyard you can find, as the name suggests, former military equipment. From tank tracks to axles of vehicles and grenade hulls to...
  6. Industrieller

    Italy Manicomio di Colorno (June 2019)

    After the epidemic erupting in the city, the provincial government of Parma decided in 1873 to relocate the Provincial Psychiatry temporarily to Colorno and remodel the premises of the former Ducal Palace (also called Reggia di Colorno) for the occasion and the former monastery of San Domenico...
  7. Industrieller

    Belgium Ground Control (Jun. 2019)

    In 1972, the first antenna for space radio was put into operation on this 50-hectare site. Until the mid-90s follow 4 more antennas. The largest had a height of 52m and a diameter of 30m. In 2008, the company sold this section because it had no use for it. After the buyer filed for bankruptcy...
  8. Industrieller

    France Chateau du Pilote (Nov. 2019)

    A small village located in the vineyards of France. Behind high walls surrounded by vines is this wonderful chateau. In some rooms is still a great facility available. Other rooms confused are empty and impress simply by their presentation.
  9. Industrieller

    Germany The Stadtbad (Oct. 2019)

    The city bath opened in 1890 cost almost 1 million Reichsmark and was quite well equipped. Separate swimming pools for ladies and gentlemen, shower and tub baths in 3 classes as well as the luxurious "Kaiserbad". At its opening, it was considered the most beautiful, magnificent and luxurious...
  10. Industrieller

    Belgium Maison du Représentant

    I was not able to find anything out about the medals. The building is now sold and the new owner just start renovation.
  11. Industrieller

    France Olona Church (Nov. 2018)

    Unfortunately, there is not much information about this location. Once upon a time there was a hospital which was obviously run by the church. The only thing worth seeing about this building ensemble is the church.
  12. Industrieller

    Belgium Maison des Peintures

    In the middle of a noble villa area, on a huge property, with old tree population and a lake, lies this very generous property, On entering the rooms our mouth was open. Many of the rooms are furnished as in a castle. Fireplaces, a grand piano, classy furniture, chandeliers and paintings. In...