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Recent content by jane doe

  1. jane doe

    USA Willow Glen Power Station - 2020

    Fantastic report ...awesome photos :)
  2. jane doe

    Italy Abandoned Multiplex Cinema in Italy

    The first photo is lovely love the red seats :)
  3. jane doe

    Germany Internationale Film-Union GmbH aka Panacolor [2009]

    Wow thats amazing , there is so much left , well captured :)
  4. jane doe

    Belgium Sanatorium du Basil, Belgium, April 2018

    Wow that building is beautiful .... such a shame that it is not being repurposed ...loved your photos :)
  5. jane doe

    Great Britain Stanners Close's Steel Works Offices - Wolsingham - Dec 20

    Some lovely old paperwork there ... enjoyed your report and photos :)
  6. jane doe

    Great Britain East Somerset rolling stock - Apr 21

    Very nice ...very photogenic :)
  7. jane doe

    Great Britain Wolsingham Train Depot - Dec 2020

    That is lovely captured it beautifully , love the lace covers on the headrests ...well done guys :)
  8. jane doe

    Great Britain Selborne Brickworks - Jan 20

    Absolutly love old brickworks and that one is stunning ... you captured it beautifully :)
  9. jane doe

    France Chateau Verdure (Feb 2020)

    Beautiful looking house and such a shame it is in a bad way now ... lovely photos :)
  10. jane doe

    Great Britain Welsh Presbyterian Church - Liverpool Apr18

    Thats rather lovely , i really like the round window :)
  11. jane doe

    Great Britain Graveyard/military camp paintballing Cheshire March 21

    Thats different... nice report :)
  12. jane doe

    Great Britain "Blue House" North Wales 03/21

    Great report ..really like the old bed ...lovely photos :)
  13. jane doe

    Great Britain The woodsman’s cottage Anglesey jan 21

    Lovely find and some great bits left :)
  14. jane doe

    Germany Coal mine L. (March 2021)

    Wow amazing place ..loved your photos :)