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Recent content by Judderman62

  1. Judderman62

    Vandicourt Quarry, Micklefield - January 2017

    cool find and nicely photographed 
  2. Judderman62

    Dysons Refractories, Aug & Dec 2016 ** Pic Heavy ***

    The History The Dyson group has its origins in the early 19th century, with the founding of a ceramics factory in Sheffield in 1810. The need for heat-resistant bricks for the newly developing furnaces driving the Industrial Revolution led the company to become an important producer of...
  3. Judderman62

    Polphail Village, Scotland. June 2016

    The History Pollphail Village was originally built to house workers on a nearby construction yard during the Oil Boom Of the 1970's.  The accommodation was built to house up to 500 workers. The impetus to build the yard was based on future forecasting and was to be operated by the people...
  4. Judderman62

    Dream Cottage Sep 2015

    I don't have any history or back story on this pair of rather nice country houses out in the wilds of Cheshire. Images were taken over two visits - the first with the one known only as Fragglehunter, the second with Evilnoodle. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13...
  5. Judderman62

    Farm N, Derbyshire. Feb 2016

    Evening all. So another break from my alphabetical catch up of a few years shoots editing and posting up to bring you one of last weekends explores Farm N.   The History   The farm is situated, along with several others, on a large estate in Derbyshire. It is believed to have been built...
  6. Judderman62

    Canon Brewery, Sheffield. Jan 2015 - Very pic heavy and scenes of graphic street art

      The Preamble (or Waffle as some of you may call it) OK, so I'm onto C now so I bring you Canon Brewery. When I first strolled into this hobby, almost 7 years ago, I used to detest Grafitti. I detested it in all it's forms.  After a little while, I got to see some of the more creative...
  7. Judderman62

    Camelot Theme Park. April 2015

    Continuing Alphabetically I have arrived at C and was very late to the party at this place - thrashed to within an inch of it's life. Ah well it's ticked off the list. Solo visit to this place and bumped into two groups of peeps during my visit. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8...
  8. Judderman62

    BE Farm. June 2014

    I don't know anything about this place so no history on this one. Visited on a trip to Norfolk in June 2014. Many thanks to the person who made this visit possible. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.
  9. Judderman62

    RAF Church Fenton. Jan 2016 (Somewhat pic heavy)

    Well I've taken a side step from editing my back catalogue alphabetically to bring you my most recent explore. I present for you delight RAF Church Fenton.  Opened in 1937, it saw the peak of its activity during the years of World War II, when it served within the defence network of fighter...
  10. Judderman62

    Birch Hill Hospital June and Aug 2015

    So onwards and upwards with the Letter B. Judderman productions today brings you Birch Hill Hospital. Couple of visits - one solo and one with the man some call ..... Zero81. It was originally designed by George Woodhouse and Edward Potts as a  workhouse. It was intended to accommodate 632...
  11. Judderman62

    Billinge Hospital. May 2015

    Well next up in the "Judderman slightly gets his ass into gear and edits shoots stretching back several years in Alphabetical order" series (catchy title eh ?), we are still on B so I present Billinge hospital (what little remained at time of our visit). Billinge Hospital, was originally a...
  12. Judderman62

    Bangour Village Hospital. June 2015

    Well we're onto B of my photo's to be edited so it's the turn of This remarkable site. It's big, it's got lots of very lovely buildings and security drive round regularly in their  big White 4 X 4. It's pretty well boarded up to so just externals from this site ... but it's still worth chucking...
  13. Judderman62

    Auchengray House, Scotland. June 2015 - a mini report

    Evening peeps. So now I've taken to editing my backlog of images in alphabetical order of the name of the place / name assigned to the place. So A seemed a good place to start - I present Auchengray House. It sits, in it's ruinous state, close to the edge of a reservoir and in the back garden...
  14. Judderman62

    Albert's Whisky House. June 2014

    My recent posts have mainly been from my trip north of Hadrians Wall last year. This one I headed the other direction in June of 2014 .. Norfolk. Many thanks for peeps whoi helped make some of my visits possible. I don't know any of the history on this place but Albert clearly liked his...
  15. Judderman62

    Cottage O. Jun 2013

    Visited this place, in the South East, a couple of years ago I think it was. Was very surprised at it sitting there empty as it was in good condition , in lovely grounds in a peaceful rural area. I can't find any information on it so on with theimages - not the most exciting place ever but hey...