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Recent content by katia

  1. katia

    Cloud House/Mist House/Whichever House :) - 2015

    Good evening everyone, it's been a while! Now this place drove me and a few people half crazy when we were trying to pinpoint its location. But we persevered, found it, and boy it didn't disappoint.. Well maybe a little at first haha, but after the mystery of the missing items (most of what you...
  2. katia

    Urbex Doors

    this one has seen better days! ;)
  3. katia

    Cuckoo Hall, North Wales - September 13

    Scrappy and I visited this place with some new friends - Mars Lander, Shush, Lowri to name but a few! Big thanks to them for inviting us to join them on what was a very fun explore :) This place was MASSIVE, you could get lost in it. We had some close calls with people on the grounds, visitors...
  4. katia

    St Joseph's Orphanage, Preston, Sept 13

    So this is my first post folks... Hope you like :) St Joe's has always intrigued me for some reason, so I was made up to have the chance to see it. A LOT of the site has been trashed over the last few months but it's beauty still shines through. Visited with scrappy, we had the place to...
  5. katia

    Hi from Merseyside :)

    Hi everyone. I'm new on OS so thought I'd introduce myself! Been on quite a few explores and hopefully (once I've got my ass in gear) I'll post some stuff. Very much looking forward to it! There are some great photos on here :P