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  1. KPUrban_

    USA Willow Glen Power Station - 2020

    That's rather tasty. Nicely covered.
  2. KPUrban_

    Hungary Inota November 7th Power Station, Hungary, Dec 2018

    Inota thermal power plant A while back, on the tourbus location adventure there were two places in need of visiting, both rather large structures. With the first one being completed earlier in the day we headed onto this. Considering demolition was underway it was a surprisingly uneventful...
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  12. KPUrban_

    Germany Paperfactory (Nov 2020)

    Nicely done and well captured.
  13. KPUrban_

    Germany World Champion Train (Jan. 2021)

    Absolutely adore old European railway stock and this is no exception. Well photographed.
  14. KPUrban_

    Great Britain Cotton College - June 20

    Nicely done, the last photo with the blue walls is brilliant.