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Recent content by Landie_Man

  1. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Northampton Bus & Tram Office - Jan 21

    That’s a bit of alright! Might take a trip to Northants
  2. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Bethany Methodist Chapel, Geli, Wales - October 2021

    One from a Welsh Roadtrip with @mookster back in October. We do like a chapel, and this one was rather nice, but pretty disgusting throughout! Someone decided to phone the police on us as well, who caught up with us buying lunch in a Sandwich Shop; 50yds up the road! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5...
  3. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Bendeden Hospital, Kent - October 2021

    Visited with the extremely capable young @Dragon_Urbex back in the autumn; who as always, knocked up a very good and successful road trip to a range of different places; this one being a site that I had left for a good while. It's pretty trashed, but it looks great from the outside and has some...
  4. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Wye College Revisit (The Other Bits), Wye, Kent - October 2021

    So back in October 2020; I visited a disused university building in Kent with @Dragon_Urbex . I was rather enamoured by it, despite being a modern 1960s build; simply because the decay was so natural and without TOO much vandalism. This report can be found here...
  5. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury - August 2021

    I always try and make places more friendly.
  6. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury - August 2021

    Newbury Manor Hotel, Newbury - August 2021 The Explore Explored during a little road trip with @Dragon_Urbex back in August. A fairly sad and decrepit little hotel in Newbury, looks like it would have once been a nice place, but its pretty derpy now! But its nice to get out there and have a...
  7. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Molson Coors Brewery, Burton on Trent - May 2021

    The Explore After mine and @Dragon_Urbex main site for the weekend; we had a nice, slow and relaxing morning. A late breakfast and a slow journey back down south; just under 200 miles. I wanted to be fresh and take a slow jaunt back. We stopped off at Willington Cooling Towers; a site we had...
  8. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Buxshall Manor, Sussex - May 2021

    This is one from earlier back in the month from just after myself and @Dragon_Urbex had done Shoreham Cement Works; a bloody awesome location. But this one isn’t quite as amazing, and I had slightly more pressing reports to get up! The Explore After doing Shoreham; lungs full of dust and God...
  9. Landie_Man

    Great Britain The Zachary Merton Ward, The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital- London, April 2021

    The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore near Harrow has a LOT of history behind it. The hospital itself opened in 1922 after the Hospital on London's Portland Street under the same name decided to open this; a second site which they referred to as the 'Country Branch' rather than the...
  10. Landie_Man

    Other Flour Mill, Katerini, Greece - November 2020

    That is lovely stuff mate!! Might pay a visit to Greece myself if there’s other derps. To see Greece as well of course.
  11. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement Works, Sussex - May 2021

    Can’t say I wore it! I only wear it when there’s visible asbestos everywhere, I saw some and avoided it!
  12. Landie_Man

    Great Britain Shoreham Cement Works, Sussex - May 2021

    Good Afternoon all, after a lengthily spell of Covid Lockdowns and Restrictions, I am back and very happy too! The Explore So after two successes in and around Canterbury; myself and @Dragon_Urbex retired nice and early after a Fish and Chip dinner, and went to sleep around 9pm for the next...
  13. Landie_Man

    Great Britain QinteQ Alvestoke, Gosport - October 2020

    It was a horrendously rainy and grey Halloween Morning that @mookster and I toddled down to The South Coast to check out this former QiniteQ Research Facility. The weather really was dull and grey on this day; just a few days before Lockdown #2. Would this be our last 2020 Urbex? There is a...
  14. Landie_Man

    Great Britain G.P.S.S. (MOD) Fuel Storage Depot, Gloucester - October 2020

    Thanks Man. It is quite an extreme mix of senses here!
  15. Landie_Man

    Great Britain G.P.S.S. (MOD) Fuel Storage Depot, Gloucester - October 2020

    So a couple of weeks ago; myself and @mookster made a leisurely journey down to Gloucester after a quick stop off to Go Outdoors so that I could buy myself a pair of wellies for this one! I had been warned; but alas I forgot. The wellies were added to about a pile of a dozen where I have...