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Recent content by Lara

  1. Lara

    France Gros Ouvrage de Rochonvillers, Maginot Line (visited 05/2017)

    Some gorgeous shots there, nice one :)  
  2. Lara

    Belgium Shutter Island August '17

    That’s a stunning report, nice one! 
  3. Lara

    Great Britain Great Tew Manor House (visited 07/2017)

    Beautiful shots right there :)
  4. Lara

    Great Britain The axe house June 2017

    That's flipping lovely, some nice detail there :)
  5. Lara

    Great Britain Great Tew Manor House, Oxfordshire - May 2017

    Wow, blast from the past! Loved it here, nice shots of the place :)  
  6. Lara

    France Hospital Plaza - France - April 2017

    Beautiful, like this :)
  7. Lara

    Germany Small Chapel - Visited in December '16

    Beautiful shots, that's lovely! 
  8. Lara

    Great Britain Scouts chapel Machynlleth Wales April 2017

    What a cute church, nice one :)
  9. Lara

    Great Britain Brogyntyn Hall, 'House of Tears.' April 2017

    Lovely, such a beautiful place this :)  
  10. Lara

    Germany Summer Cottage, Germany - March 2017

    This looks a gorgeous place and lovely shots :)
  11. Lara

    Great Britain Packington Hall Farm - March 2017

    Liking this, some lovely bits in there :)
  12. Lara

    France TéGéWé - 08/2013

    Nice! That's a bit different :)  
  13. Lara

    Germany Mausoleum at the lake (visited 03/2017)

    Very pretty indeed :)
  14. Lara

    Great Britain Salem chapel arthog Wales April 2017

    Very nice, loads of character still :)  
  15. Lara

    Great Britain Soar chapel Wales April 2017

    Nice find there :)