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Recent content by Le kwan

  1. Le kwan

    Parc Lead Mine - North Wales - Sept 17

    Was a great trip out Lenny and your pictures came out really well, looking forward to the next one :)
  2. Le kwan

    Moel Fferna Dec 15

    It was a lot of fun and I was aching the next day alright..Santa needed sanatogen.. I only took a few photos
  3. Le kwan

    Gold mining... - [visit .../2015]

    Really nice photatoes, a lovely mine by the looks of it.
  4. Le kwan

    Hello again, its been a while

    Howdy Folks, its been a little while, I'm still at it but just slower these days, I will be checking in more often to see just what the bloody hell is going on :thumb
  5. Le kwan

    Underground compilation and stuff - 2012

    Really nice compilation man..proper BO! :)
  6. Le kwan

    Raf Daws hill bunker - October 2012

    Big yes to this mate, some excellent signage too :thumb
  7. Le kwan

    Brewers Yard Mine - February 2013

    Very nice, seeing stuff like the quarrymans calculations etc really does it for me, fantastic report!
  8. Le kwan

    Great Britain opera house 2007

    Beautiful photos and beautiful place even in its sad state, cheers for posting it up. :thumb
  9. Le kwan

    Great Britain Mr Beans Swimming Pool, Hayes, September 2011

    Even trashed it looks well worth a visit..nice one!
  10. Le kwan

    Box Quarry Sept 2012

    lovely stuff, the cathedral shot is fantastic..goodwork :)
  11. Le kwan

    Cligga Head Tin Mine, Perranporth, Cornwall, Jan 2012

    Fantastic place and a good report, the first image is achingly gorgeous...candidate for the big printer I reckon.
  12. Le kwan

    Great Britain Good old St Joes...2013

    Some nice staircase shots going on here..really nice :thumb
  13. Le kwan

    My blog page

    let me know if anyone wants a link..oblivion state is linked already here