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Recent content by Lenston

  1. Lenston


    Out of interest what was the ban for over on 28?
  2. Lenston

    How are you getting on in lockdown?

    Starting to see some progress aslong as the idiots dont ruin it when the lockdown is eased!
  3. Lenston

    How are you getting on in lockdown?

    Chaotic at the hospital where i work, i wish i could sit at home and chill lol, new morgue space being built as we speak. From what we are seeing this end i would be keeping well away from groups until there is a medicine or vaccine to fight this.
  4. Lenston

    Great Britain Chatterley Whitfield Colliery / Mining Museum and Underground Experience - 2018 [pic heavy]

    Really should get myself up there to see this, great pictures mate.
  5. Lenston

    Great Britain Browns Folly Mine - Wiltshire - January 2020

    Nice, its a good chilled wander.
  6. Lenston

    Great Britain The Hush, USAF/RAF Bentwaters, Feb 2020

    Thats a bit nice there,
  7. Lenston

    Belgium Manoir Des Pientures - Sept. 2019

    That is nice, great pictures there.
  8. Lenston

    Great Britain The house with the dead birds wales sep 19

    Quality profile pic there, a classic.
  9. Lenston

    France Alienworks - Jan. 2020

    Nice that, as already mentioned some lovely light there.
  10. Lenston

    Great Britain An Adventure To The End Of Hangingshaw Lead Mine

    I personally much prefer pictures from underground explores rather than footage, you can light paint these places amazingly well and get a real idea of scale, each to their own though, always beats wonky footage in my eyes (y)
  11. Lenston

    How Do.

    Welcome along mate
  12. Lenston

    Great Britain Cwm Coke - Sept 19

    Some of the ovens to the left of the site are going i believe, im going to pop back this weekend and see what the score is, be nice to document it going. I imagine it will take years to clear the site.
  13. Lenston

    Fave shot of 2019...and why!

    I guess this place for last year, a few recce trips and some epic history, also a fairly local one for me. Taking a telescopic ladder and being all cocky until we realised there was a second fence further in just as big :D Happy new year all.