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Recent content by macc_explore

  1. macc_explore

    Belgium Pritzer Fac. | June 2016

    Great shots!! Looking forward to seeing this place :)
  2. macc_explore

    Millford Mill, Belper - May 2016

    The Explore Quite pleasantly surprised by this one, got used to mills generally being stripped bare but this one had quite a few nice things left inside. The car park people at the front was all a bit strange, basically just walked straight past them :) The History Milford was named for its...
  3. macc_explore

    Butterley Engineering, Butterley - May 2016

    The Explore So after some nice trains it was back to business as usual and a decent explore of this engineering site. Spiral staircase was certainly a highlight and climbing about on the roof cranes was good fun :) The History The Butterley Company was an English manufacturing firm founded...
  4. macc_explore

    Fole Dairy, Uttoexter - May 2016

    The Explore So after a few explores around Crewe and Stoke we met up with some friends from the North East and headed for this dairy factory.. another one of those places that we were a few years too late but not a bad one to fill a few hours :) The History Fole dairy occupied the site of...
  5. macc_explore

    The M Club, Crewe - May 2016

    The Explore Usual very early morning weekend exploring took us to Crewe and this disused nightclub/music venue/cinema type place.. not a bad explore but a pain to light the place up as no natural light at all in any rooms  The History Not lots of history on the place other than this website...
  6. macc_explore

    Burnley Empire Theatre

    The Explore This was a revisit for all of us, heard the place was open again and had been over 12 months since we'd seen it and heard it wasn't doing well so thought we'd pop in and have one last look... sadly this place seems to be way beyond saving now and surely will fall down if its not...
  7. macc_explore

    Eyebrook Reservoir Overflow, Caldecott - April 2016

    Brilliant but somewhat terrifying haha.. would that be full of rushing water at times?
  8. macc_explore

    St. John the Baptist School, Wigan - May 2016

    The Explore This place seems to be the flavour of the day and is popping up everywhere recently. I loved the look of this place, nice to see decay without lots of vandalism so thought I'd pop over and have a look. Really quite enjoyed it, nice character to it :) The History Really struggling...
  9. macc_explore

    County Police Station, Wigan - May 2016

    The Explore Was around Wigan and thought we would have a look at the police station Lavino had posted recently. Only a quick one as not much to shoot other than the cells really so here goes.. The History Tricky to find any history on this police station other than a few snippets on local...
  10. macc_explore

    France H15 Prison - April 2016

    The Explore This place has been top of my list of places I'd wanted to see ever since I started this hobby. Glad to have finally seen but it was a very strange place to visit, combination of the horror stories about the gypsy camp outside and the general feel of being in a prison made it a real...
  11. macc_explore

    France Eglise D'Estrees-Deniecourt (ET Chapel) April 2016

    The Explore As with lots of Euro places there have been lots of pics of this place around social media recently and had to have a look myself. Photos really don't do this place justice, the architecture and light inside is just stunning.. one of the most interesting buildings Ive ever visited...
  12. macc_explore

    France Chateau Sécession, Le Quesnel - April 2016

    The Explore Trip into France saw us visit this chateau that seems to have popped up everywhere lately. Have to say I was quite disappointed with it as peoples photos certainly make it look better than it is, most of the bits and bobs in here are fake and the whole place has a very staged feel...
  13. macc_explore

    Belgium Usine S, Belgium March 2016

    Great pics mate!! Like the look of this place :)
  14. macc_explore

    Jubilee Line Tube Train, H&S Test Facilty, Harpur Hill - April

    The Explore So I'd heard rumours of this abandoned tube train somewhere in the Peak District for a while and a very friendly chap then gave me some invaluable pointers and managed to find it!   What a strange thing to find in the middle of the peaks!  Apparent they used to test explosions...
  15. macc_explore

    Fernilee Water Treatment Plant, Peak District - April 2016

    The Explore Another early morning of explores started off with a visit to the water works, horrible weather and bleak peaks are never a good combination early in the morning.. A little disappointed by this place unfortunately and probably not worth the mission to get in there :) The History...