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Recent content by Merryprankster

  1. Merryprankster

    Red Sands Sea forts - Aug - 2018

    First report in a couple years, still been getting out and about but just been very busy with other life admin for reports, got a day at home on the sick twiddling my thumbs so thought i would write summit up about our trip to red sands last year. Did the trip with bigjobs, paradox, riddlers...
  2. Merryprankster

    Tansley wood mills - Lumsdale valley - june 2016

    first report in a while, been busy in france  :-D  + havent seen anything from this place so thought id share it. It was one of those lucky stumble upon by accident explores, which are always nice, certainly not epic to look at but its nice knowing every corner you walk round is going to be...
  3. Merryprankster

    Sea Containers House, London - April 2016

    Looks like a bloody coo roof does thus dude :)
  4. Merryprankster

    Belgium Ferme Leonie... March '16

    lovely stuff dude, loving the timber frame joists :D   :comp:
  5. Merryprankster

    CWM coke -Beddau - March -- 2016

    way over due writing an actual report, got a back log of about 20 reports at the minute but just cant find the time or the internet speed for uploading to flickr, spend most the week working away on the most basic hotel wifi youve ever seen then when the weekend comes around im always off...
  6. Merryprankster

    Horror Underground Manchester - March 2016

    nice work CBS, looks like a cool littl explore, was good to meet you last weekend, hope you got yourself warmed off when you got home and off that bridge
  7. Merryprankster

    Rhiwbach Slate Mine - North Wales - March -2016

    looks lovely does that, good work lads
  8. Merryprankster

    Belgium Diesel Power Plant, Belgium - February 2016

    lol that videos ace, some wicked shots there mate, i uploaded mine to flickr sat to sort a report and then ate too much dominos and fell asleep! cool shots of that super nice control room, liking the cupboard doors in the lab aswell :P
  9. Merryprankster

    France Pottery S - Jan 16

    lovely little place, those little tracks are awesome, great work dude :D
  10. Merryprankster

    Horror Underground Manchester - March 2016

    loving this mate, great work :D  thanks for sharing
  11. Merryprankster

    Great Britain speedboat cottage , may 2015 shropshire

    nice work dude, proper little time capsule, do need to get around to doing a derp house again they are interesting places + definitely have a very specific vibe to them, coool set and thanks for sharing  :thumb
  12. Merryprankster

    Germany The ballroom (Revisit 12/2015)

    woah! lovig the decay in here andy! think that floors seen better days though!!
  13. Merryprankster

    london 2015/2016

    had lovely evening down london-apart from the nightmare i had with the wet electric windows in my car and driving around london with all my windows opening and closing randomly and of their own accord! too many people to mention but yall no who you are :P   take it sleazy kids :D
  14. Merryprankster

    Germany Mission To Mars, Germany - January 2016

    nice work squidy, shame you didnt have more time, potential for banging photos with a bit of time and all those hexagon everywhere, nicely done with what little time you had dude  :thumb