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Recent content by Ninja Kitten

  1. Ninja Kitten

    Aston Gas Works- Birmingham- March 14

    wish i had the nerves to do this!! amazing
  2. Ninja Kitten

    St Margarets deep shelter - Z rocket - march 2014.

    nice bit of underground that
  3. Ninja Kitten

    Sarre battle hq explore. - 2014

    thats rather cool!
  4. Ninja Kitten

    Great Britain We have a plane but have no access......02-2012

    i am going to have to block you soon!! you just make me jealous constantly!! grrrrrrrrrrrr
  5. Ninja Kitten

    Tower Hamlets ARP, Dover, Kent November 2013

    this looks good..i need to get underground more
  6. Ninja Kitten

    Great Britain Hospital G March 2014 (pic heavy)

    oh yessss this is nice!!
  7. Ninja Kitten

    Catacombs - Paris

    im desperate to do this !!
  8. Ninja Kitten

    Unfinished metro tunnels, February 2014.

    ace report i want to see this! and my camera looks like that all the time:)
  9. Ninja Kitten

    East Norton tunnel, Leics, Aug13

    looks good fun this!