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  1. -Raz-

    Stairs Gallery

    Really awkward to get a decent angle on this one :(
  2. -Raz-

    Great Britain Bretton Hall, Wakefield - Dec 2017

    Cool report mate, I found myself in here a couple years ago but it was crawling with workers, before we had to make a quick escape I can recall seeing a staircase with a huge painting on the wall, did you see that? Near to the dome in pic #16 
  3. -Raz-

    Great Britain Worthen Farmhouse, Shropshire - April 2016

    That abit nice mate!  Lots of clocks in there  :-D  
  4. -Raz-

    France Eglise MM, France - November 2016

    That's lush!!!
  5. -Raz-

    France CLM Colbert Anti Aircraft Missile Cruiser, France - January 2017

    Looks like a fun trip! can imagine how chuffed you was when you saw it after being told it was gone :D cracking report as always 
  6. -Raz-

    Vandicourt Quarry, Micklefield - January 2017

    Thanks Andy, it is a good feeling finding a new place and makes it much more interesting exploring not knowing what you will find! 
  7. -Raz-

    Vandicourt Quarry, Micklefield - January 2017

    Vandicourt Quarry is a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The rocks here are limestones which were formed in a shallow tropical sea, known as the Zechstein Sea, about 255 million years ago during the Permian Period. The Zechstein Sea extended from eastern England across...
  8. -Raz-

    France Bustes 2016

    first statute has a bit of a creepy look to it! nice report :)
  9. -Raz-

    Stephenson Brothers Dry Salters, Bradford - December 2016

    Built in 1881 Stephenson Brothers Dry Salters were responsible for making dyes and colourings which would have been in demand by the neighbouring textile mills across Bradford and the rest of the north. They also manufactured soaps, polishes and lubricating oils :shock:  , that would have been...
  10. -Raz-

    Germany Small Brewery - September 2016

    Looks like a nice little place, liking the brewing tanks! 
  11. -Raz-

    Holwell Mine, Leicestershire - Nov '16

    Cool shots mate liking the dodgy supports  :-D
  12. -Raz-

    Cwmorthin slate mine Wales October 2016

    You got some cool shots there mate! Need to make the effort to see this place :D
  13. -Raz-

    High Tor Pigments & Mine, Matlock Bath - Sept 2016

    Got some cool shots there mate, would of liked a bit more time in there!
  14. -Raz-

    Staplefield Patrol Operational Base - West Sussex - September 2016

    Always wanted to see one of these the history to them is pretty interesting Churchill never acknowledged they existed did he? Saboteurs :P                Cool report mate :)
  15. -Raz-

    Mid Wales Hospital, Talgarth - June 2016

    After finally getting a weekend off work me and @Hydro decided a trip to South Wales was long overdue. At stupid O'clock we fired up the tourbus and made the 4 hour trip to Cardiff.     Sadly the first 2 Locations were scuppered by locked doors, rattlesnakes and sheep but thankfully the 3rd...