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Recent content by RetroGamerVX

  1. R

    UK Lead Mine Explore : Smallcleugh, Nenthead - To The 50+ Meter High 2nd Ballroom ( Vast Stope )

    Hi all, In our continuing adventures of exploring abandoned mines, we revisit Smallcleugh Lead Mine in Nenthead, Uk, which dates back to the 1700s. In the 3.5 hour adventure, we visit the classic Ballroom, where a huge body of ore was removed, and then onto what we have named the " Second...
  2. R

    Video Report - Brandy Bottle Incline, a 600ft, 45 degree decent down an ancient lead mine shaft!

    Hi all, My latest lead mine adventure video is up!  This time, we have descended the 600 ft, 45 degree, Brandy Bottle Incline in the Old Gang valley :)
  3. R

    Exploring 6 x abandoned lead mines in Teesdale and Weardale.

    Hi all, Been out exploring again, so a new video up, and in this one, we are exploring 6 x abandoned lead mines in the Teesdale and Weardale Valleys.  Some of these places, we can't even find names for, and some, will be revisited :) Enjoy :) Steve
  4. R

    Walkthrough of perhaps the most beautiful level in the North Pennines? Hangingshaw !

    Hi all, I've been out and about again and this time, we've taken a continuious (almost) videoed walk down a lead mine level that is considered to be one of the most beautiful in the North Pennines, Hangingshaw, part of the Rampgill mine complex..  I also fixed my sound issue so in this one...
  5. R

    Video Report : Tyne Bottom Lead Mine , Nenthead , UK

    Hi all, New video up, and it's another Ancient Lead Mine Explore!  This time, it's the rather fun, smaller mine, called Tyne Bottom, in Nenthead, UK.  This is my first experience of deep water in a mine :) The following history details are curtsy of mineexplorer.org.uk: Tynebottom Mine was...
  6. R

    Video Report - Brownley Hill Lead Mine, Nenthead, UK

    We recently did a trip down Brownley Lead mine in Nenthead, Uk. I have the video up on my Youtube channel. Link is below. If you want info before watching, the following is from mineexplorer.org. Brownley Hill mine was first worked for lead with silver being extracted as well, the earliest...
  7. R

    Hi from RetroGamerVX

    Just a quick hi to say hello ;)   My name is Steve and I run a Youtube channel which I've been using to document mainly lead mines, abandoned railway tunnels, quarries and viaducts in the Durham / Cumbria / Weardale area :)
  8. R

    Video Explore : Rampgill Lead Mine, Nenthead, Cumbria Feb 2016

    New video up, and we've been exploring the ancient Rampgill Lead Mine, in Nenthead, UK :) Water upto my testicles in this one :) Let me know what you think :)