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    Great Britain Dover Magistrates Court March 2019

    The stair shot is the winner for me. Great explore mate.
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    USA Peppermint Power Plant Ultra - March 2019

    Great report and nice write up too thanks for sharing.
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    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    You need to get yourself down this neck of the woods then The Raw, it’s hollow!
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    Great Britain Busted at Buckmore - The Report - 02 Jan 2009

    So many years ago when you made this website. I fell down a rabbit hole on this site the other night. Was great to see posts from shadow, oldie, impact etc. Them was the days!
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    Germany nuke power 1 legal 07/2018

    Thats awesome!! well done mate
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    Great Britain Busted at Buckmore - The Report - 02 Jan 2009

    I don't wish to drag up a VERY old topic, but if Maniac is still on here I'm feeling nostalgic reading this report!
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    Great Britain Hougham Battery Dressing Station, 2018

    Love how clean these place is, lets hope it stays like it!
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    Great Britain Charing Cross Station, August 2019 (Permission)

    Nice work getting in here mate, great shots
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    Westmount College - visited various 2013-14

    Originally named Mount Ellis, built for Joseph Ellis in 1865, and was reverted to Westmount College, a Dover College junior branch, in 1898. Shan't bore you with the full history as there have already been posts on this location before. Hope you all enjoy... Opinions welcomed!
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    Morlais Tunnel - Wales - June 14

    I haven't logged in years, but I felt compelled to, just to comment on how good the light rays are in these shots, so so nice!
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    Oil Mills West - EOS 650 35mm 2011

    A few film shots I've taken from Oil Mills West: I won't bother with the history as its been put on here enough. Top 4 taken with a 8mm Samyang Fisheye, using a 35mm film it was true 8mm as opposed to my crop sensor dslr giving a reading of 12.8mm, this meant I had to crop into the...
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    Golgatha Tunnel and Train grave yard 9th jan 2011

    Solar P its a walk in the park here mate I wouldn't worry. Chilled explore.
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    Esplanade tunnels, Dover - Oct 2010

    I'd love to see that research Wevsky - I am sure it's taken at least an hour to compile? For me its nothing to do with who gets in first - its about having the decency and common sense to think that maybe others would like to have a look when the times right, instead of posting on 3 forums...
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    Great Britain St Magarets Esplanade 10th august 2010

    Mike hit me up sometime i'll go with you.
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    Ashort visit to dover and folkestone 01/07/2010

    Hospital Postern, lots of fun to get into. Burnt out rusting VW car down near the entrance. EDIT: Didnt realise the name had already been mentioned, ignore me lol