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Recent content by Satori

  1. Satori

    Belgium Pritzer Fac (Oct. 2020)

    Great set, thaks for share 📸
  2. Satori

    France Château Shiva Hindu (Feb 2020)

    Love this place, thanks for share
  3. Satori

    Great Britain Mary's Farm (July 2020)

    Amazing place, nice picture. Thanks
  4. Satori

    Germany Chocolate Factory / Factory for health food products (10/2020)

    What a wonderful reportage, something brings me back to Willy Wonka !!
  5. Satori

    Italy Convent of the artists (Jun 2020)

    Not much is known about this convent, the only information we receive is that when it ceased its function as a convent, it was used as a residence for artists (many easels and colors present inside) and later as a residence for passing travelers. Non si sa molto di questo convento, le uniche...
  6. Satori

    Italy Headmaster's house (Aug 2020)

    Unsafe, but beautiful and fascinating
  7. Satori

    Italy Villa T, Italy - June 2019

    Fantastic?, Thanks
  8. Satori

    France Chateau Marianne - April 2018

    Amazing!!! congratulation?