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Recent content by Seffy

  1. Seffy

    Germany The pool at the river - March 2020

    Lovely photos these - nicely done :)
  2. Seffy

    Great Britain Bon Accord Baths - Feb 20

    I like that a lot - top drawer!
  3. Seffy

    Great Britain NGTE Pyestock

    Will never tire of seeing photos from Pyestock - it'll go down in UE history for sure, Lovely photos!
  4. Seffy

    Whittingham Demolition Begins

    Kinda sad to hear this.. Spent a good happy few hours in this place, and it's still such a nice place to visit on a sunny day too! Might make an effort once more before time gets on too much :)
  5. Seffy

    Unfinished metro tunnels, February 2014.

    Interesting that is, lovely jubbly :)
  6. Seffy

    St Lawrence's Asylum (Cornwall County Asylum), Bodmin - August 2013

    [CENTER]St. Lawrence's Asylum (Cornwall County Asylum), Bodmin, Cornwall Seffy and END-PROC. Some history for you, seeing as this place has only recently cropped back up: After this place had been described to me a while ago, I did some searching online, and instantly wanted it. To be honest...
  7. Seffy

    Crete Road Reservoir, Folkestone, Kent, November 2013

    Loving all the reservoirs being done as of late, well shot this is :thumb
  8. Seffy

    Froomsgate House, Bristol - Dec 2013

    [CENTER]Froomsgate House, Bristol It is being redeveloped into (yet more) student accommodation. This is one that a few of us (one in particular) have had our eye on for a while, so getting an invite to get up it seemed too good to miss. A mate of mine has put a lot of work into researching...
  9. Seffy

    Bristol Ice Rink, Bristol - April/May and December 2013

    [CENTER]Bristol Ice Rink (John Nike Leisuresport), Bristol Visited with some of the Bristol massive! A brief summery for you: Demolition has been approved. We've been looking at this one for a while now, and this time, for the first time, it would seem luck was on our side. After a long...
  10. Seffy

    Essex Tower Crane.

    Nowt like a good TC! Good job that man :)
  11. Seffy

    Hey hey from Bristol...

    So I'm new at this, any comments and tips would be greatly appreciated guys... Oh, wait, hang on... ;) Nah, thought I'd join up here, after meaning to do so for a long time :) SK and everyone seems to have done a good job with the place, so keep it up guys. So HEY :D And on another note...