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Recent content by sentinel

  1. sentinel

    Dreadnaught Storm Drain - Bristol - July 14

    Top quality job mate.
  2. sentinel

    Crusty steal rust... - ../2015

    Nicely captured there mate. Top work as per usual
  3. sentinel

    Zeche Hugo - November 2014

    Zeche Hugo Well this place has been photographed and reported numerous times so won't bore you with a load of text So on with the photos
  4. sentinel

    Box and Swan Mine

    Myself and makepondsnotwar (Jess) hired a helicopter to travel up country to hit a few mines. We secured a highly trained guide Lee, that would put an Everest Sherpa to shame. We entered the box mine and as our tour guide was squeezing through the tight gap, we all heard the rumbling...
  5. sentinel

    The Underwater Ballroom adventure - October 2014

    The Visit In the cover of darkness armed with a standard issue SAS inflatable boat bought for 25 pounds through ebay, and coloured orange with all the mod con's including ample space, well maybe for two midgets. Our old and newly required special set of skills and experiences and some added...
  6. sentinel

    Monceau-sur-Sambre Power Plant (IM Power Plant) - Belgium - September 2014

    The Visit Again this visit was with the The-Raw, Extreme Ironing and 3 non members, this one was a little trickier but fun, being a live site due to the demolition crew being in there and the fact trucks were going past (sorry Extreme for making so much noise when that bar fell through the...
  7. sentinel

    IM Cooling Tower - Belgium - September 2014

    THE VISIT Decided to take a jump over to Belgium with The-Raw, Extreme Ironing and Three non-members..told them to get the arse in gear and join up on this site..damn sad arses ha ha Cracking weekend was had by all, and if anyone wants a great van to hire go for Matt Snowball van hire, we got...
  8. sentinel

    Boerentoren - Antwerp - Sept. 2014

    Mate, Awesome photo's as always..was nice to sit up the top of that place for a while..
  9. sentinel

    Great Britain Clockhouse Brickworks, Dorking, Surrey - Visited April 2014

    This is a cracking report..forgot about that evil owl..thought my face was gone. It was fucking massive
  10. sentinel

    Jameah Islameah School, East Sussex, April 2014

    History Jameah Islameah School was an independent Islamic school in East Sussex. The school was located on a 54 acre site and had residential facilities to house male students aged 11 to 16. The school was independently owned and the proprietor functioned as the principal. In December, 2005...
  11. sentinel

    Cocking Limeworks - West Sussex - April 2014

    Went out to the countryside to investigate a possibility that only ended up being a group of tents and a possible dodgy commune, so a quick search found this to be near, so not wanting to waste a day out thought I would drop by for a little look. History 1833. The earliest record of the...
  12. sentinel

    COULSDON DEEP SHELTER - april 2014.

    I always like seeing this place. Was one of my first explores..nicely captured
  13. sentinel

    Belgium Castle of Dreams (Very Pic Heavy) - 2014

    Now that is how ya raise the bar....Im still looking at these photos whilst trying to find my jaw, thats somewhere on the ground...
  14. sentinel

    RAF Bawdsey R3 Rotor Bunker - Suffolk - April 2014 (PIC Heavy)

    Visit Visited this place with a non-member, was great to have some fresh air and the lack of that appealing aroma of pigeon crap which has accompanied me on most of my recent trips, This was the first explore with a non-member (Thanks for the invite) and a nice relaxing explores with some...