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Recent content by Session9

  1. Session9

    Great Britain Chatterley Whitfield Colliery - July-Aug 19

    Nicely done, wasps and all!
  2. Session9

    Great Britain The Hush, USAF/RAF Bentwaters, Feb 2020

    That's cracking, how civilised to drive around too :cool:
  3. Session9

    Great Britain Milford Mills - Oct 19

    Looking a bit sad now, but lots to still see. Nice photos
  4. Session9

    Italy Train dismantling facility - June 2019

    This is really nice, love the fashion of the old railcars :cool:
  5. Session9

    Great Britain Healing's Mill, Tewkesbury - October 2019

    Looks like a decent wander mate, nice set (y)
  6. Session9

    Great Britain Horlicks, Slough - December 2019

    Clearly those that have lost their taste buds and minds ?
  7. Session9

    Great Britain Springfield University Hospital, Tooting - January 2020

    You must mate, get the good old days rolling again (y) :cool:
  8. Session9

    Great Britain RNTE Shotley (HMS Ganges) Dec 19

    Nice, never seen the sports hall before. Love the Ganges, particularly pleasant on a hot summers day, looking over to Felixstowe and Harwich.
  9. Session9

    Great Britain Royal Papworth Hospital, Cambridgeshire, October 2019

    Interesting contrasts, they certainly didn't hang about stripping her out.
  10. Session9

    Great Britain Springfield University Hospital, Tooting - January 2020

    History The hospital opened as the Surrey County Pauper Lunatic Asylum in 1840. The original building was a grand symmetrical red brick Tudor-style composition enclosing a large courtyard, built to the designs of Edward Lapidge, the county surveyor. A purpose-built chapel was added in 1881. It...
  11. Session9

    Great Britain Horlicks, Slough - December 2019

    Thanks guys for your comments. Does look a bit generic with Terry's HT, apart from no additions to the roof :unsure::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  12. Session9

    Great Britain Horlicks, Slough - December 2019

    HISTORY A brief history from Wiki: 1869: William Horlick from Ruardean, Gloucestershire emigrated to the United States. 1873: James Horlick, a pharmacist, joined his brother, William, in the US and together they founded the company J & W Horlicks in Chicago to manufacture a patented malted...
  13. Session9

    Belgium The Slaughterhouse - 09/2018

    That's really top, interesting to see so much equipment still in situ.
  14. Session9

    Hungary Railway cemetary

    Wow, something else. Fantastic ??
  15. Session9

    Sunnyside Royal Hospital, Montrose - May 2018

    History In 1781 the town of Montrose was unique among Scottish towns and cities in being the first to have an asylum for the insane. The Montrose Lunatic Asylum, Infirmary and Dispensary was completed after the institution of a subscription by local woman Mrs Susan Carnegie of Charleton...