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  1. Silent Night

    British gas building Jan-15

    worth a little walk for a decent view,great shots fella.bloody handy getting let out also :P
  2. Silent Night

    USA Keystone Psychiatric Center (2013)

    cool location and a great set of shots to go with :thumb
  3. Silent Night

    Deepdene - World War II Railway Traffic Control Bunker, Surrey - March 2014

    great stuff fella love the write up and the shots top work :thumb
  4. Silent Night

    St Margarets Deep Shelter - Z Rocket - April 2014

    cool report dude, great set of shots to go with :thumb
  5. Silent Night

    Langdon Hole Deep Shelter - April 2014

    Great stuff Lanky cool shots, nice little location this cheers for sharing :cool:
  6. Silent Night

    Canon Road Section (ARP) Ramsgate, kent, Dec 2013

    Cracking stuff mate, ya lighting is ace, great write up to go with = win win
  7. Silent Night

    Deepdene Southern Railway Control Bunker, Surrey - March 2014

    great stuff glad you survived the staircase of death got some cool shots from it bud
  8. Silent Night

    Ramsgate tunnels - Cannon road section. - 2014

    cool stuff mate great set and locations in for the win as they say :P
  9. Silent Night

    Barnsdale Tunnel, Yorkshire, Mar14

    cool stuff mate I like it :cool:
  10. Silent Night

    Coulsdon Deep Shelter March 2014 (Visited Dec 2013)

    nice to see this pop up cool shots, cheers for sharing :cool:
  11. Silent Night

    Chapel Street Crane, Salford - March 2014 (Visited Dec 2013)

    bloody nosey bouncer, still you got some quality shots whilst there great share :cool:
  12. Silent Night

    Great Britain Hospital G March 2014 (pic heavy)

    working on the ''non-member'' good man hehe,great set there mate nicely done, fancy bumping in to that stussy :o
  13. Silent Night

    Great Britain ROC Stussyland March 2014

    that's actually a rather nice ROC post lol great one baron great set :cool:
  14. Silent Night

    Tower Hamlets ARP, Dover, Kent November 2013

    random place for a gary glitter lol,great set there dude lovely lighting :cool:
  15. Silent Night

    Great Britain Department of Employment, Aytoun St Manchester

    oh dear oh dear I hope you didn't go in suited up in the condom outfit :P ,great shots dude like the peely paint nice to see you in daylight fella:cool2: