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Recent content by Sime

  1. Sime

    Train Graveyard, February 2016

    At last I get to go to visit a train graveyard! I went to Oakamoor for a look round but even the rails have been taken away from there and scrapped. (non-HD people should press the back button and look at some drains :-P ) Anyway, just before it was dark I managed to get pictures from another...
  2. Sime

    Bye Bye DRI

    Derby doesn't house the most wholesome of types but we're not too bad when you get to know us :P
  3. Sime

    Bye Bye DRI

    The final stage of the Derby Royal Infirmary demolition was done last week. Sadly I never visited this site but I loved the style of the buildings when driving past, and the reports from people who did explore here over the years are great. I had a look on Friday and there are just two buildings...
  4. Sime

    Home Farm, Derbyshire. Feb 2016 (pic heavy)

    Home Farm, Derbyshire February 2016 Intro: A really nice little place and interesting to look around. The farm house has its windows and doors boarded up with wood and metal shuttering so inside is pitch black. This gave me change to use my new torch for the first time! I couldn't get any...
  5. Sime

    Friargate Pine Company, January 2016

    Intro: Only a few basic photos of this place but thought it would be worth documenting for reference in years to come should it ever be demolished. Due to a fire in 2013 (where unfortunately a homeless man sleeping inside died) the internals of this building are basically charcoal, I don't...
  6. Sime

    Can you recommend a torch

    It arrived on Saturday - I've had a play around with it and its amazing! I have a shuttered up cottage to visit this week so I'll take it along and see what happens. Thanks for the help guys!
  7. Sime

    Ambergate Wire Works, January 2016

    Intro: From a freezing cold start to the day the temperature soon warmed up while I was here and it was surprising how muggy and damp it became in these buildings. There are five or six areas to look at, some are just empty shells while others have a few bits and bobs left in them. There's some...
  8. Sime

    Abandoned Chapel, January 2016

    Intro: I visited this chapel earlier in the week after spotting it while researching another visit. I was expecting it to be mostly empty and well sealed but had a nice surprise when I got in. It was pretty dark in there, very cold, and due to being situated in the middle of a field surrounded...
  9. Sime

    Great Britain Hell House, Alrewas - January 2016

    I was here a few weeks ago. Did you leave feeling quiet and depressed? The whole atmosphere of the place oozes suffering  :cry:  Your pictures are good!
  10. Sime

    Can you recommend a torch

    Thanks Maniac, ordered!
  11. Sime

    Can you recommend a torch

    Just recently I've missed out on a few shots such as tiny rooms with no windows / dark corners etc. because of not having enough light. The flash doesn't really work too well on my camera because it just makes hard shadowy areas and isn't flexible. I have a torch but it has a really hard central...
  12. Sime

    Great Britain Oakhurst House, Ambergate - Jan 2016

    Nice photos Trav, I've walked past this place a couple of times. Didn't see it while it was still in one piece though unfortunately.
  13. Sime

    Hell House, January 2016

    I had a free afternoon earlier this week so set off to "Hell House". Hard to believe but I drove past this place twice a day for seven years without even knowing it was lurking right in front of me. @Mikeymutt helped me with pinpointing the place and warned me that it was "a bit grim", bloody...
  14. Sime

    New Barn Farm, Derbyshire. December 2015

    Introduction: My first explore and first post on here, I really enjoyed wandering around and taking in the atmosphere. History: Also called “House of The Damned” this place is really nice, very remote and no roads or paths leading up to it. Its very peaceful as well, all I could hear was the...
  15. Sime

    Hello from Derbyshire

    Hi everyone, Been having a look at the posts here for the last day or so it seems very friendly compared to the first forum I joined - everyone just enjoying each others posts. I must say the quality of reports here is very good. I've been improving my photography skills over the last couple...