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  1. Space Invader

    Thamesteel Sheerness kent, Sept 2012

    explored with... wevsky ,obscuirty ,stealh2k12,fortknoxo,urbanginger and six riff raff a little history ... This is a large and interesting complex, located at the northern end of a tight triangular junction with the Sheerness-on-Sea branch. First proposed in 1969, the construction of...
  2. Space Invader

    Beelitz Heilstratten Berlin,Germany, March 2013

    explored with wevsky and urban ginger ... a big :thumb to humpa and his cousin As wevsky explained things didn't quite go to plan on this trip, but saying that cars can be replaced good friends cant ! so all good in the end . :) After a flying visit to Amsterdam on the way through we push...
  3. Space Invader

    Barrow Gurney Mental Hospital, Bristol, jan 2012

    visited with obscurity and Mrs obs ... a little history ... The hospital was first built between 1934-1937 with the first patients being admitted in 1938. Barrow was built in a more modern style than the nearby Bristol Mental Asylum - The Glenside, which was a huge imposing Victorian building...
  4. Space Invader

    Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    no problem fat wreck nice shots mate :thumb we went for the crawl under option at the time :)
  5. Space Invader

    Snargate Tunnels East, Dover ,nov 2011

    visited with ... wevsky, fortknoxo,one flew east ,maniac and chewbacca a little history... This is the Eastern end of a large tunnel complex in Snargate Street, which began as separate tunnels but were linked during WW2 for use as air raid shelters. The main part of this section is the 900ft...
  6. Space Invader

    St marys childrens home, Thanet place, kent sept 2011

    Found this place a ltttle disappointing to start with many of the rooms were plain white wash shells but then i found the staircase. Which made up for what the rest of the place lacked right on with the pics ... a little history... Thanet Place was a large mansion with gardens overlooking the...
  7. Space Invader

    Victoria arches Manchester Oct 2011

    Thanks for the comments chaps :thumb nelly we need an explore mate im missing you :lol:
  8. Space Invader

    Victoria arches Manchester Oct 2011

    we all have them mate i should of bullied you would of done it then :lol:
  9. Space Invader

    Victoria arches Manchester Oct 2011

    right after being awake for 36 hours having a run in with everyones favorite :police2: friends :grin: and plan b leaving the four of us caked head to toe in mud soaking wet and ready to call it a night we then get a text from ojay an hour later we find are selves in Victoria arches...
  10. Space Invader

    F H Manor ,Kent September 2011

    visited with obscurity ,wevsky ,silverRainbow and mrs obs ... Not alot of history on this place so are get straight on with the pics... thanks for looking :beer:
  11. Space Invader

    St Margarets 5.5" Deep shelter , sept 2011

    visited with wevsky, troglodyte ,peach, silver rainbow, oliver gt and one flew east a little history... At St Margaret's Bay there is the underground deep shelter for St Margarets 5.5" Battery. This site was the first one to use the unrotated projectile known as the Z - Rocket which was a anti...
  12. Space Invader

    summerlands lodge, sept 2011

    visited with obscurity... a little history.. Built in 1906, as new premises for a preparatory school,called Doon House School. The school was closed in the early part of the Second World War and the property requisitioned by the military as an officer's mess for nearby Manston airfield. In...
  13. Space Invader

    Great Britain Hayes swimming pool, sept 2011

    Couldn't find a lot of history on this place apart from an episode of Mr bean was filmed here and it closed down last year. visited with wevsky, obscurity and Silver Rainbow on with the pics ... thanks for looking :beer:
  14. Space Invader

    Ramsgate Main tunnel and westcliff section july2011

    thanks for the comments :thumb just need the last one for the full set :)
  15. Space Invader

    Ramsgate Main tunnel and westcliff section july2011

    Being right on are door step and hearing of plans to try and open them to the public we decided a local explore was in order ... visited with wevsky obscurity and frosty .. a little history.. The town's borough engineer and surveyor R.D. Brimmell conceived and planned a scheme for tunneling...